Drive Medical Aluminium Rollator

I needed a lightweight medical walker to recover from my injury and put myself in a vehicle without the help of other people, and this Drive aluminum Rollator with 8 Inches casters fit the bill. The large 8 inches casters are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The handles of this Rollator are adjustable in height that can fit into my desired height needs. This Drive model of Rollator comes with removable hinged, padded backrests that can be folded in both up and down directions, and padded seat together with zipped pouch under the seat. These features and specifications of the product made it easier for me to move without the assistance of another person.

I choose this Drive model rollator because of the comfort and convenience that it offers. The seller’s price, free shipping, weight, and huge size of wheels are the things that you will like about this rollator. It goes better on gravel, sand, or any terrain ground that the other rollators that I’ve used cannot perform. The frame of this product is sturdy and durable. It is made with aluminum metal that can withstand longer years of use and abuse. It doesn’t matter if I bump onto something hard while moving in this rollator. Thanks to this product, I can recover from my injuries now and enjoy the feeling of walking alone.

But recently, I’ve purchased another rollator for my aged mother. My old Drive model was still usable but I prefer to give my mom with new one. She had a regular walker, but didn’t use it regularly because it was cumbersome and she has already fallen from it few times before. Like my first purchased, we opened it right after it arrived at our door and assembled it quickly. My son and I picked my mom and gave this to her. She says that the seat was highly comfortable and she didn’t feel any strain at all. She didn’t have any trouble in maneuvering this Drive model of rollator. To my delight, she even went outdoors on it and enjoys breathing fresh air. As for me, the key features of this product that I like best are:

  • Handles: The handles of this product can be adjustable in height making it ideal for any user.

  • Padded Seat: The padded seat of this rollator offers extremely high comfort and convenience.

  • Casters: The 8 Inches casters of this rollator make it an ideal mobility device for both indoor and outod0or use. This ensures you that you can freely move without the help of the other person.

  • Mobility: The mobility function of this rollator is superb. I mean this rollator is highly easy to maneuver.

  • Cost: The cost is one of the main reasons I purchased this product, this is the best rollator I’ve ever seen and used at the price range of $80 below.

I highly recommend this rollator to people who are having difficulties in moving. This rollator is best for people who have mobility problems as well as those who are recovering from injuries.