Standers Able Tray for Sofas and Recliners

The Standers Able Tray is created to provide all elders with a comfortable and easy way to sit down and get up of a recliner sofa. This is a mobility help tray that is suitable for those with back pain, balance issues, or to those persons who have just gone through a surgery. This Standers Able Tray is a reliable mobility accessory that provides a bit of utility and luxury without necessarily hindering your ability to move.

The Standers Able Tray for Recliners and Sofas is packed with different excellent features to provide maximum comfort to every user. It offers an ergonomic safety handle that is providing support and balance for sitting and standing position. Likewise, it is featuring a multi-purpose swivel chair with utensil compartment and cup holder. It also provides a fully adjustable height and length tray. Its premium grip rubber pads are made to ensure stability and to protect your floor from being damaged. It is also very easy to assemble without any tool required.

With the Standers Able Tray and all of its essential mobility accessories, you and your loved ones can always stand out and sit down from your sofa or recliner with comfort and ease. The tray that it is featuring is also perfect for your crafts, dining and to your laptop. Its reverse curve and high rim are beneficial in scooping your food without spilling. Its foot loop also stays open to make it easier for the person to position their foot and to assist those individuals with very limited extremity strength to lift their foot and leg. Moreover, the Standers Able Tray is a new invention Elderly Tray Aid to provide maximum comfort to many people.

Mobility help trays are effective mobility accessory to help those individual with balance issues. For some people, standing up and sitting down can really be a hard chore especially if your joints are achy and stiff. Tray aids are multi-purpose tools that are attached to your sturdy sofa, recliner or chair to provide you enough balance assistance. You can also have an attractive tray that will blend to the beauty of your home. Elderly tray aids also come in various styles and designs that will help you obtain the best one that will work for you and that will meet your needs. These trays are also strong enough to support your unit, and it is also large enough to hold your crafting.