Automatic, Electronic Comfort 3-position Lift and Recline Chair

The use of a lift chair recliner has become truly popular with people who are suffering from mobility problems. A lift chair recliner helps an individual to go from a seated position to a standing position or vice versa. This electric powered chair is not only a big help to individuals with a mobility problem, but it also provides style and comfort. These specially designed chairs have been around for over two decades. They have been providing comfort and aiding mobility especially among elderly. Elderly lift chairs are adjustable so that users will be able to find a seated position that is comfortable for them.

If you are planning to purchase an electric lift chair recliner, there are a few things that you have to put into consideration. You should be aware of a lot of choices and positions associated with them. The easy comfort 3-position recline chair offers an extra reclining position. This electric lift chair recliner provides almost completely horizontal position. It provides comfort when you or someone in your family wants to lie down to sleep. It is typically fully adjustable to let you find the position you are most comfortable with.

There are many online stores that offer the easy comfort 3-position recline chair. They are available in a wide variety of design, sizes and color. There is a reputable online store that offers an attractive vinyl chestnut finish. It is highly durable as it is made with hardwood chair frame. It can hold a weight capacity for up to 375 pounds. It also has an emergency battery backup in case power failure occurs. With just a simple push of a button, it can lift you up and recline you back safely and smoothly. It is offered at a very reasonable price of $679.00.

In choosing a lift recliner chair, it is also necessary to consider the size and frame of the person who will use it. This should be done to ensure that the recliner fits the user’s needs. The easy comfort 3-position lift and recline chair has dimensions of 34x32x38 inches. Another thing to keep in mind before purchasing an easy comfort lift chair is the weight of the user. It is necessary that you know the weight capacity of the electric recliner to avoid undesirable situations. It is definitely a waste of money when you purchased the lift recliner chair that is not appropriate for your use.

Mobility lift chairs are a necessary addition to every home with a household member suffering from any mobility problem. Easy comfort recliner chairs are ideal for use of elderly who find difficulty in sitting down or standing up. They are the best solution for people who find moving from a seated position to a standing position difficult or painful. These electric lift chair recliners provide positive effects to individuals who thought they have lost their mobility. They provide people with independence to the easy task of getting up and lying down. People who take advantage of these fantastic products do not have to rely on other people.