Ableware Leg Lift Strap

Ableware Leg Lift Strap is one of the simplest yet practical mobility accessories that have been useful to many people to support them when they are lifting their legs with its limited lower strength of extremity. This is beneficial for those individuals with disability and for paraplegic people. This mobility leg lift allows them to lift their foot into their bed, wheelchair foot rest and into their car.

Ableware Leg Lift Strap is an effective and reliable mobility accessory which has 89 cm or thirty-five inch long strap which has a loop at its every end. The foot loop also stays open to make it easier for an individual to position over the foot. The loop for the foot also stays open until the strap is pulled. It also conforms to the shape of your foot to ensure that you will obtain a secure and comfortable grip. Its middle section that is rigid allows you to easily maneuver this leg lift.

Most Paraplegic and Disabled People are experiencing difficulties getting into their car to go to stores and to other places. Fortunately, there are now effective and durable mobility accessories like Ableware Leg Lift Strap that makes it easier for them to get in and out of their vehicles without the help of other people. This has actually been a useful product for those with arthritis, hip replacements, those who had strokes, leg or knee injuries, those who are obese and those individuals who are suffering from injuries in their spinal cord. It is made of one-inch or 2.5 cm wide of high-strength and flexible nylon webbing. This is also simple and easy to use, allowing you to take pleasure in using this product.

Leg lifts straps are highly effective and durable mobility accessories for those individuals who want to experience an effective and easy leg lift works. These leg lift straps are made with different flexible and long-lasting materials to meet the needs of many people. This is suitable for those who want to get into their car or their wheelchair without the aid of other people. This is a practical mobility accessory that can provide benefits for many people who experience difficulties in supporting their feet while getting into a vehicle. It is very comfortable, easy to use and very light weight. This is a reliable portable mobility leg left that you can always use anywhere you want to go.