Rain-Guard Non-Slip Safety Crutch Tips

After reading reviews about non-slippery products, I found out that non-slide crutch tips by Rain-Guard are the best. Rain-Guard Non-Slip Crutch Tips are made by Hi-Trac Industries. The non-slip crutch tips fit a shaft that is a size of a U.S. penny or a quarter. Rain-Guard non-slide crutch tips are nice replacements to your current crutch tips, walker tips, and cane tips. This can make your snow and ice boots hold to slippery areas. These non-slide crutch tips can provide greater traction against wet and slippery surfaces.

Rain-Guard crutch tips measures 5/8 to 1 Inches and fits well on a walker and cane shafts. You can purchase these crutch tips and replace the current tips that you are using. The best thing about these water resistant crutch tips is that you can wear them both indoors and outdoors. You can expect to move freely even on slippery wet surfaces. When I order the product, I received a package with a pair of crutch tips. I immediately opened it and read the instruction on how to put them on my boots.

Rain-Guard Non-Slip Crutch Tips Design

The radial design of Rain-Guard crutch tips works like the one on a car tire, it helps channels water away from your boots, canes, and walker. The normal crutch tips with circular rings on the bottom traps water. When the boots, cane, and walker are pushed down, the tips hydroplanes and increase your chances to fall. This is not the case of Rain-Guard crutch tips. Mobility equipment and boots equipped with this crutch tips will stay in contact on the ground despite the presence of flowing water. I certainly use crutch tips on my boots to avoid severe injuries that can lead to surgery.

These non slide crutch tips by Rain-Guard are best for people of all ages. You can purchase this non slippery product to replace the tips of your granny’s cane or walker. You can also use crutch tips to put on your children shoes. This will help your kids obtain better balance and mobility without falling off their feet. These rain guard tips are pretty durable, and I’m curious how long it can last. With these crutches, you can ensure that you can do better on areas on your house where wet surface is inevitable.

Advantages of Rain-Guard Non-Slip Crutch Tips

Water resistant crutch tips by Rain-Guard can help people avoid the injuries that may be obtained from slipping on wet surfaces that generally happen on store tile floors, at home, and restaurants. The traction that these crutch tips deliver is second to none. As for me, there’s no other product in the market within its price range that can deliver the traction it provides. This is also better on snow boots. Put on none-slide crutch tips on your snow boots and move freely. With these water resistant crutch tips, I was able to plow the snow on my garage without slipping or having difficulties in moving. Don’t take the risk of getting injured while working on wet and slippery areas, purchase Rain-Guard Non-Slip Crutch Tips and ease your worries.