Duro-Med Deluxe Electronic Seat Lift

Duro-Med Deluxe Mobility Seat Lift is a seat cushion that measures 16 x 16 x 4 inches. The 4 inches foam of this seat lift provides higher level of comfort. I use this chair lift to prevent hip and back strain for extended hours of sitting in a chair. I found out about this product when I’m looking for a mobility seat lift to reduce the strain I feel from sitting on a chair. This Duro mead seat-lift has hardboard inset that provides padding and extra support that offers exceptional comfort and eliminates hammock when used in wheelchairs.

The black leatherette cover of Duro Med seat lift has five inches strap handles that allow it to fit to different types of chairs without the hassle of binding. It is designed with slip resistant durable base bottom contours. You can expect that the seat will stay in place while allowing you to recover from injuries while doing light tasks. The cover of the chair lift is machine washable and I can maintain its neatness. I purchase this mobility seat lift because I found out that it can carry on more or less 200 pounds maximum weight capacity.

The product is available at color black and can match the color of other chair in your home, office, or car. No one will even notice that you have a chair lift under your seat. Another purpose why I purchase this mobility seat lift is that I’m getting difficulty in sitting longer hours at home. This seat lift has made it possible for me to sit in my chair for longer hours without experiencing body aches. This product can be best for people having difficulties in mobility. The Duro-Med seat lift arrived to many with well packaging and free from nay damage.

Advantages of Duro-Med Deluxe Mobility Seat Lift

The main purpose why Duro-Med seat lift is created is to provide comfort for people who are experiencing mobility difficulties, particularly to people who are doing office task as well as those who are recovering from mobility disorder. The built, materials used, feature and benefits offered by this product ensures that you will have comfort while sitting on a chair for extended hours. As for me, the main advantage of Duro-med seat lift is the portability feature. You can easily attach and detach it in any car seat. You can install it from one chair to another with a snap. Also, the product comes at a fair price, and you can purchase another chair lift and install the other seat of your car.

There are plenty of online retail stores that offer Duro-Med Seat Lift-Chair Lifting Equipment for sale. You can avail this chair lift at a discounted price. Most online retail store that offer the lift chair also provide reviews about the seat that they sell. You can read as many reviews as you can and compare prices. Most online retail stores that sell this chair offer free shipping. This can be very beneficial as you can save a lot of cost from shipment fees. Don’t let yourself or someone you love suffer from difficulties of mobility, purchase Duro-Med Seat Lift-Chair Lifting Equipment today and ease the discomfort that you feel.