Ez2care Folding Quad Pronged Cane

By collecting and reading different reviews about quad mobility cane to find the best one and I found out that the best elderly quad cane is the Ez2care. The Ez2care handicapped quad cane is made with anodized aluminum and is designed with ergonomic contoured handle.

Ez2care elderly quad cane offers maximum safety and higher level of comfort while ensuring sustainability and quality. This elderly quad cane has an adjustable height that range from twenty nine inches to thirty eight inches. It is also equipped with a belt that supports 250 pounds. What I like best in this quad cane is the lifetime warranty. You can ensure that the company will replace this whenever I broke it.

Ez2care Mobility Quad Cane Features

  • Adjustable Height: Adjusts from 29 Inches to 38 Inches and fits most people.

  • Handle: This quad mobility cane has ergonomically contoured handle that provide maximum protection and safety.

  • Body: The body of this quad mobility cane is made with durable and sturdy materials that can hold up to 250 Lbs.

The quad mobility cane is well made, adjustable, and sturdy. This is best for persons like me who are recovering from surgery and weary of walking alone. This is the product that I need to stand up and walk forward without anyone accompanying me. This quad mobility cane can arrive to you home warped in a huge box, like what happened to me. It is well wrapped and can be quickly assembled. After reading the enclosed instruction manual, I quickly learned how to use it and do all the necessary adjustments. It can even adjust the height in just a click.

This four quad cane is very sturdy and does not deliver wobbling because I use it properly. The feet of elderly quad cane and its small base can make it easier for you to go up and down on stairs. With this handicapped quad cane, you no longer need to use chunky and huge bases canes where your legs are stuck in it. The Ez2care elderly quad cane will not trip you up and allows you to stand alone like what it did to me.

I can even travel easier now with this lightweight handicapped quad cane. I can easily lift it inside the car. Apart from that, the sleek black color of this quad mobility cane can go with anything I wear. I can even wear a dress I want without looking like uneasy with this mobility cane by my side. This quad mobility can by Ez2care will not look like a huge medical misfit and do not embarrass me even if use it in public. If you desire, you can even strap the handle on your arms to ensure that you will not lost or leave this quad mobility can by accident just like what I always do.

The Ez2care quad mobility cane is the best for you if you have minor injuries and experience difficulties in walking. However, this handicapped quad cane may not be enough if you have suffered serious injuries. It is also ideal for those who you use a wheelchair or a walker to avoid acquiring serious physical injuries. I use the quad mobility cane by Ez2care to recover from minor injuries and so far, I haven’t experienced any additional injuries. I highly recommend this product.