Duro-Med Adjustable Fancy Cane

I am pretty happy with this folding cane. First off, it functions correctly and its a pretty fancy cane. But really how hard is it to make a cane that works? What impresses me the most about this cane is the ability of it to fold down into a more transportable size. It is one of the better folding canes I have seen.

This great for traveling I have found. Especially for planes. Rather than having the hard time of trying to find a place to stow my can on plane flights I am able to simply fold it up and put it under my seat or in my bag. I also, have utilized the adjustable cane feature of the product in situations where I don’t want to be seen with a cane. I always need a cane when I am walking up the stairs, but now when I reach the top I can simply fold this fancy cane up and put it in a pack or discretely stow it somewhere. Something else to note about this wood handle cane is the non-slip rubber stopper on the bottom actually works and grips. I have had a few canes where the rubber was too hard and slippery and defeated the whole purpose of having a cane.

One thing I have to say against the folding feature of the cane, is that it does not always stay put. This can cause for some frightening situations when it decides to come undone on will. I’d think the manufacturer could have designed it so it did not do this. The lack of this feature is somewhat disappointing. I have found a rubber band works well for this purpose. I just wish a rubber band didn’t look so dorky. But overall this doesn’t detract too much from the overall function of the cane. It still works after all.

One of the main features I enjoy about this contractible cane is that it is a cane with a wooden handle. I have always been partial to wooden handled canes and this one is pretty nice to look at. The whole aesthetics of this cane are pretty nice, especially considering it is a contractible cane. I have had a few people come up to me and compliment me on the looks of this cane, and they are always wowed when I show them it is a folding cane. The black finish looks pretty good out of the box on the adjustable cane, but I have found it rubs off pretty easily. This is probably the biggest disappointment I have with the product but it can be covered up with a little black nail polish or auto detail paint if you happen to have that sitting around your house.

Overall, I would have to say I am decently satisfied with this cane. My biggest disappointment being the paint wearing a little, but the fact that it is a cane with a wooden handle that is also foldable makes up for that minor inconvenience. If I could I would definitely purchase this cane again.