Carex Designer Offset Cane

Mobility devices are excellent innovations in technology and give those who have mobility issues the opportunity to move around more freely. These devices aren’t just designed for the elderly, but also for those with disabilities and may need to utilize a mobility aid. However, one thing these devices have in common is that they lack style.

These mobility devices are made for practical use and don’t put much thought to the fashion sense of the one using it. Some of those who use power chairs, transport wheelchairs and walkers are certainly grateful for the freedom offered by mobility aids, but what they don’t like is that they need to sacrifice their style. On the other hand, while these devices aren’t that stylish, one can always benefit from a mobility accessory. Mobility accessories such as fashionable carryall bags for those who are using walkers and canopies for those with a mobility scooter are available.

In case you are looking for a mobility aid for your loved one or for yourself, consider the offset mobility cane. Long before scooters, walkers, electric powered wheelchairs and racing-quality handcycles became available, the walking cane was the sole walking aid for those with limited mobility issues. Today, individuals who need some help getting around have lots of choices, but the simple walking cane is still the common choice for most people.

Today’s offset mobility cane represents some of the best mobility that modern technology provides. Unlike the straight cane that has a hooked handle, the offset cane has a redesigned shaft that places the hand grip a bit out of line with its handle. The offset grip offers better support, less arm and hand strain and more downward stability than the usual wooden cane. Another benefit of this newer model is that it is usually made from aluminum or steel and is lighter than the hickory shafts or old ash of the past. It is usually height-adjustable and can be found in a multitude of finishes and colors if the user wishes to use a cane without compromising his or her style. When it comes to offset mobility canes, one of the best names that you can trust is the Carex Designer Offset Cane.

This offset cane is a lightweight mobility aid that is designed for those who need help when moving around. Safe and durable, the Carex Designer Offset Cane has non-skid rubber tip and an ergonomic soft-cushioned handle that comes with a wrist wrap to improve grip and comfort. Thus, there is less strain on the wrist, allowing the user to use the cane comfortably. Its height can be adjusted to meet the needs of the user and this can be easily done with a simple push of a button. Available in 6 new designer patterns including Shabby Chic, Polka Dots, Camouflage, Bahama, Plaid and Las Vegas, the style of this offset mobility cane is further improved with its high gloss finish. Thus, users can be sure to get the support they need from the offset cane while keeping their fashion sense.