A few Methods to Buying the Cheapest Hand Control Installations

When it comes to actually installing the hand controls you’ve purchased you won’t be surprised to find out there can sometimes be a very steep price attached.

The main thing to look at when reducing the overall cost is getting the cheapest hand controls you possibly can.

This is dictated by four important factors, the brand/manufacturer, the model/make, the disabled vehicle dealership and the cost of (per hour) of installation.

The first two are pretty obvious and you’ll find that if you want to get the cheapest hand controls possible then portable models are what you should be looking at.

These don’t require any installation costs because you can do it yourself, and they can be purchased over the internet.  This means that you can read through reviews to find out which is best as opposed to relying on salesmen.  Most importantly it means you can rapidly search for the cheapest prices possible over a number of different websites.

However this won’t necessarily be the best option for a lot of people because they’ll want permanent installation controls as they’re superior.

Getting the best price possible…


In this instance one big deciding factor is where you buy them, just like any other shop.  Please don’t think for one second that people aren’t going to take advantage of your position, because they will.

A few things you need to make sure you’re aware of before going for any purchases is how many hours your model takes to install.  This means that you can calculate the total installation costs based on how many hours are required and the per hour costs.

  • Generally around 60-80 dollars per hour is a reasonable figure, but you’ll find some less than reputable characters trying to charge much higher.
  • Unfortunately finding virtuous people who are doing the opposite is generally much harder.

Doing it the old fashioned way


There’s nothing wrong with negotiating so don’t feel like you can’t request a price drop, but before you do this you need to know what you’re talking about.

  • Visit as many local dealerships as you can, ring up before hand to get quotes on models which they have and make comparisons.
  • If you have disabled friends then ask them where they got their model, how long ago and how much did it cost?

Other costs…


Just like bankers, don’t be surprised to get hit my potential charges here and there, it’s important to ask for the total cost – or if there are any additional costs involved.

The HHC Team


The HHC team is dedicated to helping people find exactly what’s right for them.  Sometimes this is finding people the best model for their condition, or perchance a good value bargain.

If you’re interested in learning more about hand controls for disabled drivers, visit the HCC homepage for complete comprehensive guides on everything you need to know.

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