Menox Steering Knob

The steering knob by Menox is attaching to the steering wheel and allows it to be turned much easier with one hand.

Having the knob placed over the wheel allows it to be piloted much easier than trying to turn it with one hand and no knob.  If there isn’t a knob it means the driver has to place his arm and wrist at a much more uncomfortable angle.

Menox Steering Knob

An Installed Steering Knob by Menox

One of the other major bonuses of this device is that the secondary car function buttons can be incorporated into its design.

You’ll find that in most cases that if the buttons which can control functions such as the turn signals are installed, they’re put onto the lever.  This makes sense because the hand is always going to be there, however seeing as the hand is most likely always going to be on the steering wheel too then you’ll find that some people prefer it within easy reach.

Its ‘quick release adapter’ is fitted as standard, and what this allows is for the knob to be quickly detached whenever is necessary.  This means that if someone wants to drive without it then there’s no complicated procedure to remove it.  It’s as easy as flicking a switch and takes just seconds to complete.

The Menox steering adapter (pictured below) is fitted as standard with all of the knobs, not just their main ones.  It’s one aspect which does set Menox from the crowd because it’s a useful little add on which makes life just that little bit easier.

Menox Steering Knob Adapter

Menox Steering Knob Adapter

Menox Model Low –  The ‘Model Low’ design is similar to this; their regular steering knob aside from it’s smaller and designed in a manner which allows for people to be in constant reach of the secondary car function buttons at the same time.  If you’re interested in the Model Low steering wheel knob check it out here.

Steering Wheel Knobs – Every Handicap Spinner Knob Available


Menox Steering Knobs – Menox has a wide array of steering wheel knobs.  However the sad reality is that most of them are in fact incredibly similar with only minor adjustments between each product.  One disappointing thing isn’t Menox’s steering knobs it’s their lack of steering wheel aids in general.  They only have spinner knobs and not any other type of design available.  You can find out more about Menox steering knobs here.

You can also find out about quick-release steering wheel knobs too.  The quick-release function allows for the driver to instantly remove the steering knob when they require.  This is especially useful for able bodied and disabled use of one car because it allowss interchangeable use.  You can find out more about quick release steering wheel knobs here.

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  1. Ralph says:

    I’m very interested in this menox steering knob with button! (Art 254) but is it possible to have (round art 224 m standard art 234) knob with botton !!??? Does the (art 254) spin!?- just like regular spinner knob!? My phone # 303-619-4727 Thank you Ralph

  2. Ralph says:

    Or Art 214 with button would be perfect!!!

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