Menox Round Steering Knob

The ‘Round’ steering knob which is manufactured by Menox is almost completely spherical in shape and designed to improve the comfort aspect of disabled driving.

You’ll find that the different models of driving knobs alter two different factors, either changing comfort levels or functionality.  You’ll find in this case that this rounded model is mainly designed to make driving more comfortable; however some people may find driving with it easier as opposed to just comfortable too.  Some argue that as soon as driving is more comfortable it’s easier too; however it’s very much dependent on the individual.

Model Round Menox Steering Knob

Model Round Menox Steering Knob

There are two different sizes of this particular model, with either a 4cm or 5cm diameter depending on how large you want it.

  • Generally speaking you’ll find that people with smaller hands will want the 4cm model as they’ll find it more comfortable.

The product itself is described as ‘round’ but as I’m sure you can see from the image above it’s almost completely spherical in shape.

  • Most of their other products have an oval/egg shape which look aesthetically pleasing but aren’t generally considered the best shape choice.

Whether you want to go for this design is up to you, but the main difference is simply whether it fits better in your hand.  The last thing you want is to have a knob which is difficult to grip, and because of its spherical shape you can grasp it far more firmly.

The Menox Steering Knob – Menox has a wide array of similar and mediocre steering wheel knobs and this is probably the most normal and mediocre of all of them.  I really wish they had other steering wheel attachments aside from knobs.  If you want to check out their basic design, then check out the Menox steering knob here.

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Menox Steering Knobs – Menox has a wide array of steering wheel knobs.  However the sad reality is that most of them are in fact incredibly similar with only minor adjustments between each product.  One disappointing thing isn’t Menox’s steering knobs it’s their lack of steering wheel aids in general.  They only have spinner knobs and not any other type of design available.  You can find out more about Menox steering wheel knobs here.

You can also find out about quick-release steering wheel knobs too.  The quick-release function allows for the driver to instantly remove the steering knob when they require.  This is especially useful for able bodied and disabled use of one car because it allowss interchangeable use.  You can find out more about quick release steering knobs here.

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