Menox Pedals

You’ll find that there are pedals for all types of disabled driving, such as those with serious disabilities or simply for those who cannot reach the pedal in which case an extension is necessary.  Menox has a limited range, however if you can’t find what you’re looking for here you can see all the alternatives on our website.


Menox mini stamp pedal extender – is designed to add a small amount of height to any of the gas, brake or cluch pedals.  It’s a simple design to solve a small height problem, however for people who need a much greater reach they’re not suitable.  It’s a decent pedal extender but isn’t available for purchase online.

Menox larger pedal extension – the big brother version of the Mini Stamp allows for three times the height extension.  It has a more flexible and advanced design and we recommend looking at this one because of its wider adjustability allowance.

Menox Pedals

The pedal guard and pedal extension.

Menox pedal cover guard – is designed to be used in conjunction with Menox’s one hand control; however you need to recognize that it can actually be used with different compatible hand controls.  It’s designed to stop the legs/feed accidently activating either the brake/acceleration pedals.  There’s nothing particularly special about this Menox pedal guard (or any other of Menox’s pedals to be honest).

Menox left foot gas pedal accelerator – A pedal transfer installation which allows the left foot to operate the pedal.  It’s a standard left foot gas pedal and it’s useful to the right driver.

Menox Pedals for Cars

Menox Handicap Pedals Review

Menox has a small range of different pedals but ultimately the focus of their products aren’t for the peripheral handicapped driving pedals which there are specific companies for.

If you’re looking for a wider array of pedal manufacturers then there’s some good news and bad news.  The good news is that there are lots of small and specific manufacturers which produce a wide array of products which cater to most, although not all, requirements.

  • The bad news is that they’re sometimes local, hard to find and generally have a poorly marketed internet presence.

Menox has a limited pedal range


If you’re looking to buy pedals then in most cases we don’t recommend Menox.  If you’re looking for an incredible hand control than that’s a different matter, but in terms of handicapped driving equipment they shouldn’t be your first option in most circumstances.

You’ll find that going for smaller and sometimes local manufacturers who focus solely on pedals is the best thing to do,

Menox’s handicapped driving controls


If you’re looking for a hand control manufacturer which produces what is widely considered one of the best then we suggest you check Menox out.

If you want to learn more about this specific manufacturer, check out Menox’s handicapped driving controls page here.

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