Menox Pedal Guard

This pedal guard which is designed by Menox is usually placed over the acceleration and the brake pedals.  Find out more below…

This is purely designed to stop the disabled driver’s feet from accidently touching the pedals.  Remember that Menox hand controls aren’t like normal designs such as by Monarch, and they’re operated using a lever.  This doesn’t directly come into contact in the way that most other designs do and as such as the pedals should have a protective panel in front of them to stop them being inadvertently pushed.

Menox Pedal Guard

The Menox Pedal Guard is designed to be used in conjunction with their hand control, however it's compatible with most other manufacturer's models.

However don’t think that these are just for the hand control Menox has, they can be fitted with any other hand controls which require their usage.  What’s more is that you’ll find that they’re compatible with almost all vehicles.

  • One of the issues with advanced manufacturers like Menox and Viegel is that they’re not compatible with all cars.  They have a large but limited list which they’re able to be operated with, which ultimately restricts universal usage.

On the other hand you’ll find that the pedal guard can be fitted to practically all cars and all hand control designs.  Perhaps not completely universal, but seeing as it’s essentially just a protective shield in front of the pedal I’m sure you can see that they’re hardly car model specific.

You’ll find that Menox produces lots of different designs to suit different people’s requirements.  A good example is their Ministamp handicap pedal extenderp which is specifically designed to add 1-3 inches of height to the pedal.  This means that people who previously weren’t quite abl to reach it are now able to with ease.

  • You’ll be interested to know that currently Menox is one of the leading disabled automobility manufacturers.

They have one hand control which is designed with ease of use in mind to cater for the majority, if not everyone.  It’s certainly one of the most advanced out there and only a few companies such as Viegel are really able to compete on the same level.

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