Menox Pedal Extension

If you’re looking for the Menox solution to having a far greater extension on the height of a pedal then you’ve found the right place.

The Mini Stamp is its baby version and it’s not just smaller in terms of height, it’s also more simplistically built.  The extension, as you can see from the picture below, allows for much greater flexibility with regards as to how high you can set the device.  For example you can set it between 2 to 8 inches which makes it far superior to the Mini, and not just because it can reach higher but because it’s almost completely inclusive of what the Mini can do anyway.

Menox Pedal Extension

This Pedal Extension by Menox is their largest model available.

The extension is designed for people who simply do not have the leg reach capable of pushing the pedal alone.

In some cases you’ll find this can be used with their accelerator gas pedal for the left foot which allows drivers easier operation.

Instead of the usual amount of force required for accelerating, a far smaller amount of effort needs to be exerted.  Used in conjunction with the larger pedal extension this allows for the driver a much greater degree of flexibility.

These aren’t the usual hand controls for cars which HHC talks about because those are generally designed primarily for those with no movement whatsoever.

These however, are aimed at people with partial disabilities and generally in combination with other handicapped driving equipment.

You’ll find that in most cases the same manufacturer has also produced the counterpart, but occasionally if there is none or you want a better option then moving towards innovative manufacturers such as GuidoSimplex is a good move.

Menox Pedals for Disabled Drivers


You’ll find out that Menox has a small array of different disabled car pedals to allow for disabled driving.

We recommend taking a look at these to find out which is best for you, if you need one at all, and most importantly to help direct you to what you do need.

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