Menox Model RF Steering Knob

The M-Standard model is a steering knob designed by Menox for disabled drivers in order to assist them in turning the wheel with as little effort as possible.  However it also has several distinct advantages which make it uniquely brilliant.

As you may or may not know the regular Menox hand control can be retrofitted with several buttons which allow for car’s secondary functions such as car lights, turn signals, windshield washers… and many others.  These are the most important and useful ones, I’d specifically say that being able to operate the turn signals is certainly a big advantage.

Menox Model RF with Basic Remote Control Steering Knob

Menox Model RF with Basic Remote Control Steering Knob

One factor which certainly sets Menox apart is that these very same buttons which can control these capabilities can also be installed onto the Model RF.  This means that the buttons are installed actually onto the handle as opposed to either the steering wheel or the car’s hand control lever.

Four buttons can be installed and you can set which functions they control, the four channels as they’re referred to as because it’s labeled as a remote control have slightly different engagement options.

The first three channels are on/off activation buttons, you press it to activate the function and press it once more to deactivate it.

The last fourth channel is activated as long as you are constantly pressing the button, once you release it then the activation stops.

So in the case of the first three channels you’ll find they’re very useful to be used when you want your headlights on.  In the case of the final channel, if you just wanted to signal for a few seconds before turning then that’s the better option.

It’s available with either the same handle as the hand control, or it can be used with the ‘basic remote control’ which you can see above at the top of the page.

Model Round Steering Knob – I would say it’s mainly designed for a comfort perspective, so if you think it’s for you check Model Round steering knob page for more information on this specific Menox knob.  The Model Round spinner knob is designed to be slightly more spherical which some people prefer.

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Menox Steering Knobs – Menox has a wide array of steering wheel knobs.  However the sad reality is that most of them are in fact incredibly similar with only minor adjustments between each product.  One disappointing thing isn’t Menox’s steering knobs it’s their lack of steering wheel aids in general.  They only have spinner knobs and not any other type of design available.  You can find out more about Menox steering wheel spinner knobs here.

You can also find out about quick-release steering wheel knobs too.  The quick-release function allows for the driver to instantly remove the steering knob when they require.  This is especially useful for able bodied and disabled use of one car because it allowss interchangeable use.  You can find out more about quick release driving knobs here.

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