Menox Model M-Standard Steering Knob

The M-Standard by Menox is a standard steering handle which uses the same handle as the Hand Control.

This may be a little confusing but it’s very simple really, in fact we don’t know why this is classified as a separate product but because people ask us about it we thought we’d clear things up.

Model M-Standard Menox Steering Knob

Model M-Standard Steering Knob produced by Menox

The standard hand control which Menox produces (they only have one) has a handle on top of the lever.  This is what you use to operate and use it, and the M-Standard is the handle of their one model which is attached to the steering wheel.

It’s ergonomic, but most people want to buy it because it fits it with the ‘look’ of the vehicle.  It’s also worth noting that just like the handle on the lever is customizable and so is this.  You can tailor it to your vehicle’s specific ‘look’ – whether that’s its material or color.

Model RF steering wheel knob – If just having a handle which looks good isn’t enough then there’s also the Model RF which is fitted with four remote control channels which allows various different functions to be able to be operated.You can control turn signals, headlights and other functions using the Model RF Steering Wheel Knob.  It’s one of Menox’s most useful steering knobs.

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Menox Steering Knobs – Menox has a wide array of steering wheel knobs.  However the sad reality is that most of them are in fact incredibly similar with only minor adjustments between each product.  One disappointing thing isn’t Menox’s steering knobs it’s their lack of steering wheel aids in general.  They only have spinner knobs and not any other type of design available.  You can find out more about Menox steering knobs here.

You can also find out about quick-release steering wheel knobs too.  The quick-release function allows for the driver to instantly remove the steering knob when they require.  This is especially useful for able bodied and disabled use of one car because it allowss interchangeable use.  You can find out more about quick release steering wheel knobs here.

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