Menox Mini Stamp

The Mini Stamp which is manufactured by Menox is a simple yet effective solution for people who need a slight extension on the height of the pedal.

As I’m sure you’re able to tell by the diagram, an extra ‘pedal’ is placed in a raised position over the top of the regular pedal.  It’s fitted from one to three inches above it and is designed to cater for people that simply can’t reach the normal pedal below.  It can be attached to both the acceleration and braking pedal, but it’s not used in conjunction with Menox’s flagship handicap hand control.

Menox Mini Stamp

The Menox Mini Stamp is their smallest pedal extension

We generally consider for this to be referred to as a non specific piece of disabled car equipment.  By this we mean it can be used with other pieces of equipment that aren’t necessarily produced by the main manufacturer.  It can be stand alone or used in conjunction with other pieces of disabled driving gear as is necessary.

Personally I’m not sure why Menox has chosen to produce this kind of pedal.  Clearly to some people it’s going to be useful, but I’m not sure if there are really that many people it’s going to cater for.  When you consider how advanced their single hand control is you wonder why they bothered with producing what is essentially a basic pedal extension.

If you need greater reach then maybe the extension version is for you…


See the more advanced extended Menox pedal which has a far greater reach of 4 to 8 inches, in small increments.

The Mini Stamp is very much the baby version and you’ll find that most disabled drivers who need pedal extensions will opt for the extended version.  Just remember that this goes from 2 to 8 inches so it’s going to cater for most people.

Or if you want to find out about the four different pedals for disabled drivers by Menox then find out here.  From this page you can navigate to the various other pedals on offer.

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