Menox Low Steering Knob

The low model design is similar to their regular steering knobs in the actions it performs aside from its created in a manner which allows constant secondary button function control.

Its first duty is to allow the disabled driver to be able to operate the vehicle with only one hand in a much more comfortable manner.  Without it awkward positions would ensue and it really diminishes a pleasurable driving experience.

Model Low

Model Low Steering Knob by Menox

On the other hand you’ll find that a knob makes everything a lot smoothing when you rotate the wheel around.  However this is not what makes the Low model special, it’s that the driver is able to use the buttons at all positions and angles.

One of the downsides of the regular Steering Knob is that in some situations you’re unable to use the buttons which control the car’s secondary functions.

In most cases these buttons are installed on the handle on top of the lever; however they can also be requested onto the turning knobs.

It’s really a matter of personal preference with regards to what the disabled driver finds as more comfortable, but by and large all drivers want the ability to be able to press the buttons regardless of the position of the wheel.

M-Standard Steering Knob control – If you want your steering control to be the same as the one affixed on top of Menox’s single hand control then check out their M-Standard steering knob control.  I would generally not recommend this steering knob over perhaps the Model RF, but nevertheless it’s a standard and aesthetically pleasing design which matches the hand control handle.

Steering Wheel Knobs – Every Handicap Spinner Knob Available


Menox Steering Knobs – Menox has a wide array of steering wheel knobs.  However the sad reality is that most of them are in fact incredibly similar with only minor adjustments between each product.  One disappointing thing isn’t Menox’s steering knobs it’s their lack of steering wheel aids in general.  They only have spinner knobs and not any other type of design available.  You can find out more about Menox steering knobs here.

You can also find out about quick-release steering wheel knobs too.  The quick-release function allows for the driver to instantly remove the steering knob when they require.  This is especially useful for able bodied and disabled use of one car because it allowss interchangeable use.  You can find out more about quick release steering wheel knobs here.

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