Menox Left Foot Accelerator Pedal

The left foot pedal accelerator is produced by Menox and is designed to allow the driver to operate the accelerator using their left instead of their right foot.

This is specifically designed for people who can no longer use their right leg, and is to be used in conjunction with a braking device.  Generally this may be their hand control, but plenty of other companies offer ‘brake only’ devices which can be used in conjunction with this model.  However you need to be aware that you’re certainly going to have to put in a lot of time with regards to research if you want to find out compatible products.

Menox Left Foot Accelerator Pedal

Menox Left Foot Accelerator Pedal

This particular pedal certainly needs to be installed by an authorized professional who has been specifically trained in its installation.

Installation is universal which means that it can be installed on the vast majority of different cars, and it’s also compatible with all cars which are driven using either the right or left side of the car.

There are two different models which are possible to purchase, either the ‘flip-up’ model or the ‘quick-release’ model.

Flip-up accelerator


Both the flip-up and original accelerator (not the quick-release) are fitted with a hinge attachment which allows the pedal to be pushed away upwards and replaced when not required.  Conversely if the pedal is required it can simply be pushed down with the other pedal being pushed back up.

Menox Left foot accelerator Flip Up Pedal

The Menox Left foot accelerator Flip Up Pedal

Quick-release accelerator


This model can be quickly removed from the car if it’s required, unlike the ‘flip-up’ which can just be pushed upwards, most parts can be removed aside from the permanent installations which are bolted down.

Menox Left foot accelerator Quick Release Floor Mounted Pedal

The Menox Left foot accelerator Quick Release Floor Mounted Pedal

Different Menox Pedals


You’ll find that Menox produces a comparatively limited range of pedals, if you require pedals for height extensions, to shield the pedal from accidental use as well as several other uses we suggest you check out their pedal page.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit Pedals by Menox for further information and links to all their other pedal models.

The Pedal Guard


One example of their useful pedals is their ‘Guard’ model which protects both/either the acceleration/brake pedal from accidental activation.

Generally this is used in conjunction with their hand control, check out their pedal guard here.

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