Menox Handicapped Driving Equipment

Menox is a good choice for disabled driving because of some unique features of their handicapped driving equipment.  I’m not here to tell you they’re the best; because they’re not.  But for the right people they can play a significant part in making the driving experience much easier.

This post is going to go over the key aspects which makes Menox special, and won’t be a look at everything – if you want to take a look at everything then see our page on Menox Driving Devices for further information.

Menox Handicapped Driving Equipment

Menox Handicapped Driving Equipment

There are three different categories for Disabled Drivers using Menox Mobility Aids and these are their carospeed hand control, their steering knobs and pedals.  You can see a picture example of their hand control and a pedal attachment pictured above.  In this case the left picture is a pedal guard designed to stop the pedal from accidental engagement when being used in conjunction with a hand control model (not necessarily their own).

When it comes to their steering wheel knobs you’ll find that there’s really only one reason to go with Menox, and that’s because of their secondary car function knobs.  This means that you have control of functions such as the headlights, turn signals and two other programmable functions.  This is unique because you can actually choose which functions to pick, because it incorporates a turning knob into the design and because it can also be used in conjunction with buttons on the actual hand control itself.

Note:  If you want to get to grips with Learning how to use Menox Driving Controls then it may be worth you checking that page out.

Menox Disabled Driving Equipment

Menox Disabled Driving Equipment

There are a few things which stand out about their hand control, I’m not going to go over all the little things which make it quite good; just what stands out.

The first thing is that like the steering knob, their car function buttons are programmable – this is something which just isn’t possible for other manufacturers.  In fact, most other manufacturers don’t even have these buttons at all so just having them is a step up, but the flexibility of customization is particularly useful.

The customization opportunities are what defines Menox and makes them unique, installation options which allow significant adjustments in the height and angle of placement – as well as aesthetic improvements changing the color, pattern and even the material which allows the lever to fit into the ‘feel’ of your vehicle.

The options for changing different things are one of the very best out there, and although some aspects of the hand control are surprisingly ‘normal’, its ability to adjust itself to the requirements of the disabled driver is second to none.

When it comes to their pedals there are no discernible or significant improvements upon other manufactures, its models are similar and without further merit.

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