Menox Handicap Steering Knobs

You’ll find that Menox has a wide array of different knob attachments designed to aid disabled driving by assisting the steering process.  You can find out about their different models below, or on this page you can read general information on their models as well as advantages and disadvantages.

Menox Steering Wheel Knob

Menox Model Low Steering Wheel Knob

Menox M-Standard Steering Wheel Knob

Menox Model RF Steering Wheel Knob

Menox Model Round Steering Wheel Knob

Menox has the widest array of steering knobs but they don’t feature any other type of steering wheel attachment which is very disappointing.  Although most people do prefer spinner knobs there are people with specialist requirements or who simply don’t like the feel of them who aren’t catered too.
Menox Handicap Steering Knobs

The Menox Handicap Steering Knobs

A few reasons to use one…


I think ultimately that their models are probably not your best choice if you want a stand alone steering knob.  Now there’s no doubt that in some situations they’ll be ideal.

  • For example I’d say that their most common example for being very useful is when the disabled driver wants the buttons which control secondary functions to be attached to the steering wheel.

You’ll generally find that they’re usually just attached to the handle on the top of the lever, however there’s no particular reason for this.

Menox Knobs

Several Menox Knobs

  • The point of these secondary control buttons is that they allow the driver to be able to activate operations such as the turn signals without taking his hands from the action parts of the car.

The action parts of the car are the lever (where the hand is/should always be) and the steering wheel, so there’s not really any problem with them being attached to the wheel.  It’s really a question of comfort and this is based very much on an individual basis.

The various different models serve two functions.

In the case of the ‘model round knob’ for example, it’s simply a spherical shaped design which is a change that some people will find comfortable and some won’t.  It’s not primarily created to make driving easier.

On the other hand there’s the ‘Model RF’ which allows the driver to control specific aspects of the car using buttons, and clearly this is made with making the driving process easier in mind.

Menox Pedals for Cars

Menox Pedals for Cars

A few reasons why they’re not the best choice…


I would say they’re not the best choice for the same reason that most of their pedals aren’t the best choice, and it’s not because they’re bad… a better way to put it would be that they’re inferior to competition.

There’s no denying that Menox has produced a great hand control.  But I strongly feel that the alternatives to their secondary products are in most case better.

  • For example there are plenty of tri-pin steering grips out there which allow for the driver to be able to place their wrist inside padded areas and turn the wheel far easier, more comfortably and with less effort.

On the other hand Menox essentially just has knobs which allow for secondary car functions, and then just regular knobs… with the Menox price tag.

  • They are customizable so that you can create a knob which fits into the decor, and if you have the hand control they’re all going to look pretty dashing… but as I said, you can get products with greater functionality at cheaper prices in most cases.

Menox the disabled driving manufacturer


When it comes to handicapped driving solutions you’ll find that Menox serves up what is widely regarded as one of the best hand controls out there.

However their other driving solutions such as steering knobs and pedals are comparatively not on the same standard… they cannot be called ‘one of the best’.  They’re generally quite average, and you’ll find that if you look around you can find better models at generally cheaper prices.

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