Menox Hand Controls Reviews

When it comes to the hand controls which are produced by Menox you’ll be surprised as to find they’re one of the forerunners when it comes to product capabilities and reliability.  Find out more below.

One of the main ways in which they’re different from the vast majority of their competitor’s products is their mechanical linkage.  In a sense the concept is similar to power steering because it relieves the amount of effort exerted taken to operate the hand controls.  These can take a lot of effort to use, especially for older people or those with low energy levels – which tends to be a more common issue amongst the disabled too.

Mechanical linkage is one of the aspects of this type of disability equipment which takes things to the next level in terms of ease of use.  Rapidly pulling, pushing and switching between the steering wheel and potentially flicking the car’s lights or turn signals all in rapid succession is very difficult stuff and definitely takes time getting used to doing.

Now if you add into this already complex equation the fact that it’s not quite as easy gently pushing the controls and they certainly take a good amount of force which most certainly over time will tire some people out, I’m sure you can see it’s reasonable that a method has been implemented to reduce this burden and make things easier upon the disabled driver.

Another very useful aspect combines in with what I’ve mentioned above to an extent, and it’s regarding the operation of the car’s secondary functions.  Primary functions include the steering wheel and pedals being operated, and secondary functions relate to the car windows, windscreen wipers, turning signals and radio adjustment.  Generally they’re things which are important but without being necessarily completely critical to making the car move.

The upper handle section of the Menox controls can house five buttons which are customized to allowing certain, specific secondary functions to take place.

The most useful ones are obviously the turn signals because you’ll be using them all the time.  Just imagine how much easier it would be to be able to keep one hand on the steering wheel, one hand on your control level and that’s it.  If you wanted to adjust other things you just needed to wait until you were at red traffic lights, but aside from this you could drive without constantly switching back and forth.

Not only is this clearly vastly safer, but it’s also a lot more reassuring for those who are just starting out – or those who perpetually get tired from switching hands all the time.  It’s almost like starting out driving an automatic car as opposed to one which you need to manually change and I’m sure everyone can see the merit in that.

Looking at things from a cost perspective one thing which will definitely put people off the Menox hand control is the cost.  Purchasing and installation can cost around 2,000-2,200 dollars (which is a U.S figure) and may be more if everything needs shipping abroad.  Aside from this cost you’re assured that you’re getting the very best – or at least on par with the best (which are very similar).

Another useful thing about them which is admittedly a little frivolous but which will have an effect on the decision making process for some people is their aesthetic exterior.  They’re ergonomically designed for ease of use and allow the hand to grasp the handle in a manner which rests the hand as opposed to tiring it out.

But regarding the aesthetics, you can pick the material and color of your choice so as to blend it into your car perfectly.  This is great for those who feel a little self conscious, but the truth is I don’t think you even need to do it necessarily, because compared to most other designs I’d say that Menox hand controls for cars take up the least amount of room by far.  At this point it may be well worth mentioning that watching a video on Menox hand controls may be beneficial so you can see what they’re like live in action.

The amount of leg room you get is practically everything you would have without anything there, because they’re not bulky and they’re attached right to the top of where your legs are stationed – they’re not just hanging down like most other controls.  This is very important for those who need a lot of help getting out of the car, because remember that if you’re turning your body to try and get out you don’t want your legs to get caught up in a mess of metal cables and wires like you do with other manufacturers.

Their operation is incredibly easy, not just due to mechanical linkage but to other hydraulic components which allow very slight movements to have a big impact on how your car drives.  Gently pushing it forward breaks the vehicle and pulling backwards activates the acceleration.  They amount of energy required to operate them is so low that you’ll have no problems driving all day.  Most importantly you won’t get worried if a journey’s taking longer than you know you should be driving as can happen quite frequently with inferior products.

Ultimately purchasing these hand controls would be a smart choice.  Now the Menox Hand Control Price is enough to put most people off, but the features it provides aren’t what you usually get for paying for the ‘best’.  A lot of the time in our society you can pay expensive premiums for something which is only slightly better (sometimes they’re indistinguishable), or perhaps only has better packaging.

In this case you’re paying a premium to achieve two core things – safety and peace of mind.  Safety should always be your number one objective, whether you’re disabled or not, and this installation and use of Menox Driving Controls for the Disabled goes a long way in achieving this.  The combination of not having to rapidly switch back and forth between various different  handicap controls for cars and ease of operation in terms of physical exertion create a much safer driving experience.  But you’re not just buying the safety; you’re buying relaxation and peace of mind.

Do you really want to endanger your health and drive around knowing that there’s a greater chance of you suffering an accident?  Of course you don’t, and the costs of purchasing and installation although admittedly high, aren’t so high that you should consider worrying yourself and potentially injuring yourself – is it worth it?

When it comes to a Menox Carospeed driving hand controls comparison against different products their superiority against all regular controls is obvious.  However when compared with Viegel you’ll see that although they’re definitely on par with them, they’re by no means better.  In terms of price they’re both quite similar, and seeing as the product (which looks different) is very similar too I categorize them both as being the ‘best’ as it were.

If you’re referring to people with more unique injuries, such as having one leg which operates and the other which has half its strength – or frankly any combination which doesn’t mean there’s complete loss of motor ability for the legs then I’d suggest GuidoSimplex.  I really enjoy their devices because they’re a breath of fresh air in terms of ingenuity and ease of operation.

To summarize, for most people you’ll find these are the best option – just not in terms of price, and you need to ask yourself whether you’ll be able to handle inferior products, as well as whether it’s risk to your own person health – as well as those around you.

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