Menox Hand Control

There is only one Menox Hand Control, thankfully it’s so good that frankly they only need one and their design equals if not slightly excels the incredible Viegel designs.  The hand control is designed to be used by the right hand close to the gear stick in most American cars.

It operates a push/pull system under mechanical assistance where pushing forward activates the brake and pulling back accelerates.  The fact that it is only for right handed users only is a definitive disadvantage however it’s multi-function grip more than makes up for this mistake.

Installed Menox Hand Controls

Menox Hand Controls installed in a yellow sports car – notice how the driver has chosen a color scheme which matches the car interior – the hand control is barely noticeable.

When you choose the multi-purpose grip for the ergonomic hand control handle you have the options of different materials and colors to suit and blend into your car.  The handle itself allows the car to operate headlights, horn, turning signals and windscreen wipers all from the same place.

  • It allows you to operate most of the cars functions in the same place meaning there’s no rapid switching back and forth.
  • This is definitely an advantage to everyone but it will make the most difference to people who find the quick switching of inferior designs difficult to handle for long periods.

As mentioned above the handle itself is ergonomic meaning that it’s easier to handle and grip for longer periods of time allowing for a more pleasurable driving experience.  The handle has a brake activation button meaning that once pressed the brakes will lock into place allowing freedom of hand movement when waiting in traffic.

  • The car’s cruise control and horn can also be operated from the same brake button.
  • Finally a gas pedal holder can be added as an extra which allows freedom of hand movement when driving on highways at high speeds.

Menox Hand Controls

Menox’s Hand Control design is simple but most importantly compact and whereas with many control leg room is cluttered by random various pieces of metal or cords the Menox installation leaves the driver with plenty of leg room.

Summary of the Menox Hand Control


I think Menox has got pretty much everything to with their hand controls spot on, and having just one hand control is of great benefit.  I myself can get easily confused when looking through the companies which have dozens of different designs each slightly different from the last.

  • It can be very difficult to search through so many different products with such slight differences, but in this instance we’re talking about one great product which suits pretty much everyone.
  • Their one significant downside is their cost, around 2000 dollars, if this is out of your price range I’d suggest looking into MPS/Monarch Hand Controls or the cheaper Mobility Products and Design models.

Its one definitive flaw is that some left handed people may find difficult to master using, on the other hand the fact that its design is much easier to use than their competitors may actually offset this worry to a certain degree.

Menox Hand Controls for Cars

Overall it’s easy to install, easy to use, comfortable, easy to master using and most importantly safe and comfortable.  Many different hand control designs are not intuitive or comfortable and this leaves the disabled driver feeling tired and hence worried for his/her own safety.

  • When it comes to disabled drivers being comfortable in what you’re doing is half the battle, it restores confidence and allows you to enjoy driving!

Other Useful Menox Hand Controls Articles


The Carospeed feature of the Menox hand control is one of the aspects which makes it incredibly unique.  If you want to find out a little bit more about why the Carospeed aid is so helpful then go ahead and check out my page on the Menox Carospeed hand control for a little more information.

The cost of the Menox hand control can vary somewhat but ultimately the price is up to you.  It’s one of the most expensive hand controls you can buy so trying to get it cheaply is pretty important – especially for those on a budget.  You can find out more about the price of the Menox hand control and judge for yourself whether the price is worth this piece of kit.

It’s pretty important to get a feel for what you’re buying especially when it’s potentially a life or death piece of equipment.  You can watch this video of the Menox hand control which is on YouTube.  This video will give you a feel of what driving using the hand control is like and it also shares a few tips and techniques.

Although watching a video is useful there’s nothing better then a well written review when judging a product, especially on the internet.  Read my own personal review of the Menox hand control to find out useful comparisons and functionality features which this article doesn’t explain.

Menox Disabled Driving Manufacturer


If you’re interested in the unique handicapped driver solutions then check out the disabled driving manufacturer Menox here.  Remember that they don’t just produce their standard hand control.

  • They provide different types of pedal solutions.
  • You’ll also find they have various types of steering knobs designed to cater to people’s specific requirements.

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  1. Jodi Bond says:

    Do the Menox hand control work on a 2010 Dodge Dakota? Thanks

    • Jonathan Bell says:

      It’s compatible with almost all vehicles, so the chances are it will be compatible with yours – but what you need to do is ask the disabled car dealership which sells and installs the Menox hand control whether it’s possible for it to be installed on your specific car model. Just in case.

  2. ken ross says:

    How does the braking work?

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