Menox Hand Control Video

It’s very hard to understand how Menox hand controls actually operated, it’s one thing to read about what they’re like – but it’s quite another to see them in action.  As such I’ve provided two videos below which clearly and accurately demonstrated what they’re like in motion.

The video below is a paraplegic utilizing the hand controls.  There’s commentary giving a brief explanation of how they work and what’s going to take place.  Finally there’s of course the actual driving, and I think it’s important to note how he uses the device in conjunction with the steering wheel.  See that he uses one hand to actually hope operate both devices.

Note:  You can find out everything regarding this device on our Menox disabled hand control page.

The next video is by the same person and it shows a more hands on approach, it’s not as clear and the video camera wobbles a little but it also gives you another good insight into their use.

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