Menox Hand Control Demonstration on Video

One thing which troubles a lot of people when buying hand controls, and not just by Menox but other manufacturers, is that they can’t get a feel for what is actually going to happen and what everything’s about.  It’s one thing to read and learn about the technical and logistical sides of a disabled driving control, but quite another to see it and use it in action

Note:  If you want to find out more, see out Menox Hand Control Video page to see two video demonstrations.

One problem which a lot of people face is not actually knowing how the specific model is going to be adapted to their personal requirements.  Everyone has different methods of driving a vehicle/car as a disabled person, and these can involve (for example) keeping hold of the steering wheel and lever with one hand.

Menox Hand Control Video

One thing which I would recommend doing would be to rent a car fitted with the model that you want to try out so you can test it out beforehand.  A lot of people simply are not aware that you can hire handicapped vehicles, but the truth is that you don’t want to purchase a device only to find out that it’s not for you.

There are three aspects which you need to look at – safety, usability and comfort.  Looking at things from a safety perspective means that it has to be fitted in a way which allows you to drive without compromising your safety (or keeping it as low as is possible).  Examples would be the lever being adjusted to a height and angle to suit your size.

Menox Hand Control Video Demonstration

The usability perspective looks as aspects such as second car function controls, which allows for the disabled person to drive the vehicle in a way which is simply easier.  There’s somewhat plays into the safety perspective, but it’s more about making things easier more than anything else.

Finally the comfort aspect covers the little things such as the material of the handle on the lever, whether it blends into your car well, as well as other adjustments which don’t make things safer per say, but do make things ‘feel’ better.  An example would be having different shapes/sizes of steering knobs which allow for a better in hand grip.

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