Menox Hand Control Customization

One aspect of the Menox hand control which most people are pleasantly surprised with are its customization opportunities which are one of the most flexible in terms of what you can change and how you can change it.

There are two different areas which will benefit the disabled driver, the first is adjustment based on comfort and usage, and the other is based on integration into the aesthetics of the vehicle.  Neither are ‘necessary’ in the sense that they’re critical to fulfilling the core function of the vehicle but they’re both a welcomed addition which makes the driving experience easier and hence more comfortable.

Menox Hand Control Customization

Menox Hand Control Customization

The first area of change which affects the usage is the actual position of the hand control lever, this can be placed on either the right or left side of the vehicle depending on preference.  Remember that this isn’t fixed to a specific position within the vehicle, it’s bolted to a floor plate which can be placed anywhere that there’s space; this gives ultimate flexibility because you can position it exactly where you think it’ll be the most comfortable.

After this you can change the angle at which the lever is pointing at by around 15 degrees, which doesn’t sound like a big figure (because it isn’t); but can make a big difference in how the lever feels in your hand.  The actual height of the lever is also adjustable by around 6 inches in one inch increment.  Again, this simply makes it easier to operate and use – some people will want it higher, others lower and ultimately you have the choice to pick what’s right for you.

Next when we take a look at the aesthetics there are a few different customization options which makes Menox Carospeed Driving Hand Controls special.  To start with the color of the handle and lever can be altered to blend into the vehicle easier.  Secondly there’s also the option of changing the pattern to blend in further, and finally you can also change the material of the handle to suit the ‘feel’ of your interior.

These are the main different options which you can change on the model, they don’t make a big difference like the mechanical linkage for the Menox hand control which reduces the input of effort.  But they do sort out the little issues which can become annoying over time.

To summarize I think you’ll find that level of customization option is much more than their competitors, but does this make up for its faults… its heft price tag?  Find out more on our website.

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