Menox Driving Devices

Menox has four different categories regarding their different driving devices, and I’ll briefly go into these, there are:

  • The Menox Hand Control
  • Pedals
  • Steering Knobs
  • The CANBox

Menox Hand Control


The Carospeed hand control which is manufactured by Menox is their flagship product, but don’t be confused into thinking that it’s just ‘one hand control’.  It’s customization is so flexible in so many that it can be adjusted based on aesthetics and comfort.  Concisely looking at aesthetics you’ll find that no only are different colors and patterns available, but actually the material which it is made out of can be altered to blend in (or stand out) to the ‘feel’ of your car.  Looking at things from a comfort perspective you’ll find that its positioning can be changed, as can its height and even the direction which you move the hand control.

If you want to find out everything, see our page on the [intlink id=”950″ type=”post”]Carospeed hand control manufactured by Menox[/intlink]



It’s our opinion that in most cases of their various pedal models you should stay clear and focus more on their hand control which is what really makes them special.

However, there are occasions when some of their devices are very useful, especially when used in conjunction with their one driving control.  A good example of this is their pedal guard, which is designed to be used in conjunction with their driving control and stops accidental activation of the pedals.

Ultimately I think their are better manufacturers worth checking out, nevertheless visit [intlink id=”941″ type=”post”]our page on Menox pedals[/intlink] to learn more about them.

Steering Knob


Steering knobs by Menox also do fall in the same category of their pedals, with standalone products being found at cheaper prices at better quality in other places.

Nevertheless, I think it’s important to recognize that they also have some very useful aspects.  To start with several of their knobs allows secondary car function control, this increase your control over the car’s functions by four buttons – combining this with the buttons on the lever and you’re talking about a much greater degree of control.

Being able to have control buttons and turn the steering wheel is not somewhere unheard of, but it’s certainly not common and so they’re worth looking in to.  Some people much prefer to use the buttons on the steering wheel as opposed to those on the handle, so it’s really a matter of preference as to what you find is best.

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CANBox is the Menox system which is involved with programming your secondary button functions to what it is you actually what them to do.  One downside of some systems, such as several by GuidoSimplex, is that the buttons are pre-programmed with their specific functions.

  • This doesn’t instantly have negative connotations because generally the most important ones are picked, but nevertheless having the control to choose is surely better than not.

The CANBox allows this and it means that you’re able to set your buttons to your own personal preference, with some of the most common being turn signals, headlights, internal lights and windscreen wipers.

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