Menox Driving Aids

Menox is one of the leading manufacturer’s of handicapped car equipment in the world, and although they’re primarily located in Europe, you’ll find that disabled car dealerships stock their products around most of the world.

Carospeed Menox Hand Control


This is the pride and joy which Menox has produced, and although they technically only have one hand control, you’ll find it’s able to be customized in so many ways that it serves most people perfectly.

It’s height and length are adjustable allowing for it to fit into small spaces, or cater to people who want an extensive reach.  Its color can be altered to suit the car’s interior (or stand out from it), and the material which it’s made of can be changed so that it suits the ‘feel’ of the interior of the car.

Certainly one downside is the price of Menox hand controls, which can be quite expensive – especially when factors that people don’t consider are factored in.

Personally we feel that there are better alternatives to go for considering the price, but there’s no doubt that they’re versatile and powerful.  If you want to see them in action then you can see our video on Menox hand controls, which can help you in seeing if they’re right for you.

Menox Driving Devices and Services


There are four different driving devices which Menox produces, their handicapped product range are…

Their Hand Control

The hand control which is manufactured is their only model and consider one of the world’s best, find out more about it above.


Personally I wouldn’t recommend going for one of the pedals which Menox produces, it’s not that they’re bad – however there are generally better alternatives at lower prices.  This doesn’t mean they’re not worth going for at all, there are perhaps 2 cases where they’re especially effective whilst used in conjunction with their hand control, but it’s certainly not the case with their standalone products.

Steering Knobs

The same is true for their knobs as is their pedals, however I would suggest several of these devices are more useful, specifically those which allow for secondary car function buttons to work in tandem with those on the handle of the lever are utilized.

  • In most cases however, they’re not and shouldn’t be your first choice for standalone models


The little heard of CANBox is the system and hardware required which allows you to program the secondary car function buttons on either your handle (on the lever) or your steering knob (or both for maximum control).

If you want to find out more, see our page on Menox Driving Devices for further information

Menox the Disabled Driving Manufacturer

If you’re interested in learning more about this company, but most importantly about what makes it special and what makes it average, then check out our page on the Menox Company and Disabled Driving Manufacturer for more information.

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