Is the Menox Disabled Driving Hand Control worth the money?

There’s no doubt that the Menox hand control is one of the best out there, but on the other hand it’s all too east to get caught up in it being the ‘best’.  My opinion is that it’s good, very good in fact – but is it worth the price?  It’s my opinion that it’s not.

Generally the cost (including installation) of the Menox disabled hand control is around 2,000 dollars.  This certainly isn’t set in rock and by using the techniques I outline in my page on reducing the cost of the Menox hand control you can knock down this figure by a decent amount.  But even by saving several hundred dollars the costs involved are incredibly high for almost everyone.

Menox Disabled Driving Hand Control worth the cost

Is the Menox Disabled Driving Hand Control worth the cost

Let’s compare this 2,000 dollar to models by MPS/MPD which are around 400-500 dollars and you can instantly see that they’re four times the price.  But does the quality reflect this?  Are they four times better?  No, they’re certainly not.  When it comes to this type of device you’re talking about a type of marketing and branding which is used everyone.  Basic and Premium.

MPS/MPD may not look flashy, have the customization options or the mechanical linkage but it gets the jobs done.  Menox very much offers the ‘premium’ product which is vastly more expensive with only slight actual improvements.  Is the Menox hand control price reasonable?

What’s more is that it doesn’t even cater to people outside of the regular spectrum of disabilities (such as being able to use one leg) like their competitors (namely GuidoSimplex).

Menox Disabled Driving Hand Control worth the money

Is the Menox Disabled Driving Hand Control Worth the Money?

It may be worth finding a cheaper alternative to the Menox disabled hand control because I think it’s unlikely that you’ll have to (substantially) downgrade the quality of the model.  It’s far more likely that you’ll pick something equal (or perhaps slightly worse) at a much cheaper price.

Personally I would only recommend their model to those who have plenty of cash to throw around, in that case go crazy – but ultimately to conclude; their are similar alternatives with the ‘designer’ price tag.

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