Menox Company and Disabled Driving Manufacturer

The Menox company is small but holds international recognition for its hand control and we consider it one of the better disabled driving manufacturers currently out there.

On this page I’ll talk a little about what Menox produces, but mostly I’ll talk about what it does that makes it special; especial in comparison with its competition.  This particular company focuses primarily on its single Menox hand control for disabled drivers, and then its steering knobs and pedals.  You can see the Menox hand controls review here.

With regards to the hand control, it has secondary car function buttons and mechanical linkage which makes it very easy to use; but here’s what makes it special.  Firstly you can program the secondary function buttons to exactly what you want, other manufacturers (such as GuidoSimplex) have pre-programmed functions which is rather limiting.  Using the Menox CANBox you’re able to set up what’s important to you and not what other people think will be.

It’s highly adjustable, from its positioning within the vehicle to the actual length and angle of the lever itself.  It’s just one hand control, but it’s designed to accommodate the requirements of the individual – no limitations.  It’s not just adjustable on a practical level, but purely on an aesthetic level you can change the color, pattern and even the material it’s made out of to fit into the ‘feel’ of your vehicle.

You’ll find that the Menox steering wheel knobs have a few key advantages over their competitors.  Firstly one very useful aspect which some of them have is that they are available with secondary function keypads.  This allows you the flexibility in choosing to either have the buttons on your lever or the steering wheel – or both for an even greater degree of control.

Some manufacturers have secondary function control keypads on the steering wheel, but none have them combined with a knob; as well as allowing for those buttons to be programmed.  However aside from this their steering knobs are very ordinary.

The Menox disabled equipment pedals are very ordinary in my opinion; they have your regular models.  They have pedal guards and extensions and so forth, but nothing special and nothing new – nothing which hasn’t already been done somewhere else; and most likely at a lower price.

Ultimately what makes Menox special is its one hand control, its power comes from its flexibility, its ease of use, its aesthetic grandeur and customization possibilities.  Aside from their secondary car function steering knobs I’d say that most of their pedals and other steering knobs aren’t particularly enviable whatsoever.

Note:  It may be worth checking out how does Menox compare with other manufacturers if you want to see how it levels up against its competition.

It’s very much the case that you should shop around for this type of peripheral disabled driving equipment.  You’ll be able to find very similar devices at most likely lower prices; some can even be purchased online.  Ultimately I think that it’s simply a case of checking to find the ‘best deal’ because direct comparisons are much easier due to the similarity of competition products.

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