Menox Carospeed Driving Hand Controls

What does the ‘Carospeed’ actually mean in reference to the famous Menox Hand Control which allows for disabled driving?  Find out about the Menox Carospeed hand control here.

The Menox Carospeed provides a level of added functionality with their hand control.  Other manufacturers (notably MPD – Mobility Products and Design) tend to have dozens of similar models with very slight differences.  We’re talking about imperceptibly small differences such as a slightly longer handle.

Menox CaroSpeed Driving Hand Controls

This makes it incredibly difficult to find out what’s right for you because you end up looking through dozens of similar models.

The difference with Menox is that they have just one model which is highly adjustable across the board allowing for the same flexibility which having numerous devices provides, whilst being much easier to understand and get to the bottom of.

The first highly customizable aspect is the secondary function grip which allows for buttons that control car functions.  These are programmable (which isn’t available in many models by other manufacturers because they’re pro-programmed) which gives you total control in choosing from (for example) turn signals, head lights, internal lights, windscreen wipers, radio volume… and so forth.

CaroSpeed Menox Hand Control

CaroSpeed Menox Hand Control – Highly Customizable

  • Generally there are around 15-20 different programmable functions.

Next, the aesthetics of the lever are adjustable also – and I’m not just talking about the color, but there are different patterns and perhaps most importantly different materials to choose from.  This means that the lever can fit into the ‘feel’ of the interior of your vehicle.  It might be worth checking out the Menox hand control customization options if you want to get to grips with everything.

Also, the placement of the lever within the vehicle allows for mounting on either the left or right side of the car.  Also, because it’s bolted to the floor it doesn’t have to be locked into a specific area; you could rest your elbow on an arm rest; or have it color to the steering wheel so you could use both at the same time – it’s your call.

Menox CaroSpeed Handle

The Menox CaroSpeed Handle

Finally, the height of the lever is adjustable by 6 inches and it can be tilted from 95-105 degrees which allows for a more comfortable positioning.

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Firstly you might want to consider reading my analysis page of the Menox hand controls kit which goes over the functionality aspects.  This is my main page about the Menox hand control and it’s definitely worth reading.

Everything here is what makes this device special, the price of the Menox hand control is admittedly steep – and it’s certainly worth checking around for models which are perhaps more specific to your disability, but in most cases this is a good fit.  Personally although I think that the Menox hand control is great I don’t think it’s worth the price.  There are similar products which are slightly less useful but significantly cheaper.

It might be worth checking out our page Menox hand control video if you want to see what they’re like whilst used in action.  This video is particularly useful because it has some tips about using the hand control plus it’ll give you a little experience about disabled driving in general.


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