Menox Handicap Car Equipment

You’ll find that Menox is one of the leading innovators of disabled driving aids.  Menox manufacturers hand controls, steering knobs and pedal attachments.

Menox Hand Controls – Menox manufactures the Carospeed hand control.  The cost of the Menox hand control can vary by several hundred dollars but the retail price is around $2,000.  It’s worth watching a video review of the hand control before look for a disabled car shop which has it for sale and will also install it.  It’s one of the most advanced driving devices currently available for paraplegics.

Menox Hand Control

A close up picture of the Carospeed Menox Hand Control – this is the lever’s handle which you operate by pushing and pulling.

Menox Handicapped Pedals – Menox has four different pedals to cater for a limited rather of disabilities.  They have a useful flip-up model and Menox also has guard pedals and extension pedals.

Menox Pedals

There are several Menox pedals here. Menox as a whole has some good products but its pedal equipment is basic and unimpressive.

Menox Steering Knobs – Menox has an array of quick release steering wheel knobs.  They do not feature any other type of steering wheel attachment aside from their spinner knobs.  They have several different unique types which allow secondary function controls over your car.  Menox’s steering knobs (and their hand control) are their two main advantages as a manufacturer.

Menox Handicap Steering Knobs

Menox Handicap Steering Knobs… they have plenty of good spinner knobs but no other attachments. Although steering knobs do account for the vast majority of steering wheel attachments there are plenty of people that require more specialist equipment.

Menox products are designed and manufactured by Turvax Ltd which is based in Kempele, Finland, and they’ve been in the industry for over fifteen years now.  Find out about all of their different products below:


Menox Disabled Car Hand Controls

Menox Disabled Hand Controls

Menox Handicap Car Equipment Manufacturer Review


The Good – Menox has a great hand control which is open to high levels of adjustment and customization.  It utilizes mechanical linkage and requires very little effort to operate.  Plus it looks great.  They a wide array of different steering knobs device types and color themes – more than any other manufacturer.  They have an okay range of pedal attachments – nothing special but it ticks the boxes with regards as to what people require.  Secondary function buttons can be built into the steering wheel knobs and hand controls.

The Bad – Menox only has one hand control product.  By comparison almost all the other driving equipment manufacturers have at least four and generally much more.  They have no other steering wheel aids apart from their spinner knobs whatsoever.  Their products are highly expensive (around $2,000 including installation).  The hand control requires permanent installation which prohibits able bodied driving of the vehicle.

Review Summary – Menox has one great product but it’s not enough – it’s simply not that special.  It’s expensive and it’s similar to other hand controls such as by decent MPS Monarch or Mobility Products and Design which are half the price.  All of their products are expensive – why would you pay 100 dollars for a steering knob from Menox when you can buy one on Amazon for a fifth of that price?  Their lack of steering attachments is a real issue too.  Most disabled drivers do indeed prefer steering wheel knobs – around 80/90% will choose them as opposed to any other type of steering device.  The downside to this though is that there’s around 10-20% of people who need far more specialized steering equipment.  They’re not catered too.

The secondary car function controls which used to make Menox special aren’t so useful anymore because GuidoSimplex and Sure Grip Hvl offer similar alternatives.  Veigel’s hand controls also allow for the installation and usage of secondary function buttons.

To finish my review of Menox I would first suggest you check out their products yourself – but secondly its apparent to me that although they have some strengths they’re not worth the money.  I think one of the main reasons you would buy this premium hand control set is if there are no other premium hand control sets near to where you live.  Aside from that there’s no logical reason in terms of money or functionality to choose Menox over GuidoSimplex, MPS Monarch, MPD and others.  They’re not worth the money.

Menox Disabled Vehicle Equipment Manufacturer

Menox Disabled Vehicle Equipment Manufacturer

  • We recommend that you stay focused on their inspiring hand control!

There are certainly some instances when it’s not going to be ideal for your situation.  For example they’re very expensive to purchase and install at around 2000 dollars at least.

There are much cheaper alternatives out there that can perform most of the functions which their flagship product can, but ultimately Menox are one of the best. If you want to learn more about this manufacturer from their own website, visit Menox for further details.