Locating a Disabled Car Dealership for Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

The first thing you need to do when looking for non-portable and usually permanent motor vehicle hand controls is to locate the closest disabled car dealerships in your area.

In this article we’ll be looking over why it’s important to find several shops, how to find them and also a little on how to approach them.  It’s generally advised that finding 3 shops is the best option, but the reality is that this may not be possible depending on your location – even finding one can sometimes be impossible.

  • If you’re in this situation it might be worth assessing if you need hand controls for your car, if you do then perhaps a portable model may be best because they’re delivered straight to your house.
Locating Disabled Car Dealership for Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

The reasons why it’s so important to find several car dealerships are as follows.  Firstly you’re able to locate a variety of different motor vehicle hand controls and have a far greater likelihood of having a device which matches up to your specific requirements.

These requirements may be based on your disability, based on the price, or based on other features or the level of customization which the handicap hand control entails.

The knock on effects allow you a greater level of negotiation power when it comes to actually purchasing the device, if you have several shops with several prices for similar (or the same) product then when you try (and you should) to negotiate the price you’ll have a much better footing to stand on.

Locating a device which is more suited to your needs also means you have a greater chance of passing the disabled driving test with motor vehicle hand controls as well as significantly reducing the chance of you thinking after a few years that you need a better replacement.

There are several different methods of finding close shops, and as always, the first starts with a well aimed Google search.  Searching for *disabled/handicapped hand controls (insert your location)* is the best place to start, and you should start with your local area before expanding outwards.

Locating a Disabled Car Dealership for Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

Locating a Disabled Car Dealership for Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

I’d saying finding around 3 shops is critical for the reasons I’ve mentioned above, but don’t just use the internet to assist you.  There’s a surprisingly sparse amount of information on the internet at the moment, but asking disabled friends is usually another useful thing to do.

You’ll find that even if they personally don’t utilize some of the benefits of permanent hand controls for motor vehicles that they’ll know someone who does.  Having first hand knowledge of the shop, the people who run it and finally the experiences they’ve had is valuable information.

I would say that learning about the different types of motor vehicle hand controls to familiarize yourself on what’s going to be the most appropriate device for you is probably the best option.

It’s also worth reading our guide on learning how to drive with vehicle hand controls so that you’re able to get of to a good start with your hand controls.

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