Left Foot Gas Pedal (Permanent Left Foot Accelerator)

A gas pedal being installed for the left foot is probably one of the most useful types of driving equipment for the right person.  This page will explain what left foot gas pedals are, why they’re useful, which manufacturers it’s available from and finally the different left leg gas pedals available.  Everything you need to know about left foot accelerator pedals is on this page.

What a left foot gas pedal is…


Simply put they all consist of an extension rod going from the right gas pedal to left of the brake pedal.  The right gas pedal is usually covered (depending on the manufacturer) to prevent accidental acceleration engagement and the extension rod is attached to the original pedal and reaches out to the left hand side where it’s attached to a newly installed pedal.

Left Foot Gas Pedal Model 908 by GuidoSimplex

Pushing down with your foot on the new left pedal rotates the rod and activates the right pedal which allows you to accelerate with your left foot.

Why Accelerating with your Left Foot is Incredibly Useful


Left leg accelerator pedals are useful for a very specific group of disabled drivers; those who can use their left leg and hands but not their right left.

Of course they could simply have an acceleration only hand control installed which would allow them to accelerate using one hand, steer with the other hand and brake with their left leg.

There’s one big problem with this, accelerating using your hand is effort consuming which for most drivers who cannot use both their legs is something which must be overcome – but seeing as you can use your left leg then the obvious solution is to utilize your strongest limb to carry out the most difficult task.

It makes sense because it allows you to practically drive as normal seeing as braking is far less effort consuming than constant acceleration.

The Left Foot Gas Pedal Manufacturers


Most of the disabled driving equipment manufacturers product this type of equipment and I’ve produced a list below which points you to their relevant products/product.

MPS Monarch’s Left Foot Gas pedal

MPD’s Left Foot Accelerator Pedal

GuidoSimplex’s two left foot gas pedals

This list may be added to in the future if their competitors choose to product their own products but until then these are your four options.

Personally I think GuidoSimplex offers the best solution but frankly they’re all very similar so the only thing I’d be looking at is the difference in price which believe me, when it comes to assistive disability equipment, can vary greatly.

There are also portable left foot accelerators, which are very useful for temporary usage because they’re removable.  Find out more about portable left foot accelerators here.

MPS Monarch Left Foot Gas Pedal

Brake Only Hand Controls…


At this point it’s worth pointing out that if you want to go down this route for a more comfortable and safer driving experience you’ll also need a set of brake only hand controls which means it’s worth checking out our page on them.

If you want to save that page for later I’ll briefly say now that you don’t have to limit yourself to the permanent installation manufacturers (almost all of them) and you can actually opt for the portable kits we recommend because they work just as well and they’re much cheaper.

On the other hand if you want to splash out then it’s worth specifically looking into GuidoSimplex because they offer a wide array of products, technology types and innovative designs which by comparison to the likes of MPS Monarch is like comparing a cell phone from the year 2000 to a modern smart phone from the likes of Apple of Samsung.

How to Utilize this Website


If you’re interested in learning about all the various aspects of disabled driving then congratulations you’ve found the right website.

We don’t just cover the equipment required (which is probably one of the most important things) but every single thing which you need to know about driving as someone who isn’t completely able bodied.

I’m hesitant to use the word ‘disabled’ because ailments as simple as having a weak grip can hinder or completely stop driving but aren’t quite as serious enough to qualify to be categorized in the same group of people who cannot walk.

Ultimately even if you are that one person who can’t properly use one of your hands the information on this website may well mean the world to you because we’re currently the only website dedicated to providing information to assist everyone who is unable to drive because of their physical condition – serious or not.

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