Left Foot Accelerator Modification – A Left Leg Acceleration Kit

For many disabled drivers buying a kit with a left leg accelerator pedal attachment won’t be useful at all.  Most disabled drivers are paraplegics who need hand controls and pedal guards.  On the other hand if you have problems with the right side of your body, specifically you’re right leg, and you want an easier driving experience then I can’t recommend a left foot accelerator modification enough.  Find out everything about left foot gas modifications below.

What is a left foot accelerator modification?


This particular modification is a simple but effective method of allowing the left foot to accelerate instead of the right foot.  It features a  pedal on the far left side of the other pedals which is linked to the right gas pedal and a metal floor plate.  The right gas pedal generally has a pedal guard depending on your model and brand.  This prevents accidental engagement of the right pedal by either pressing on it or being trapped underneath.

The left foot accelerator floor plate is usually bolted to the floor for permanent devices but not so for portable ones.  It’s placement is to ensure secure placement which won’t fall of under any circumstances.  There are generally two types of installation methods – permanent and portable.

Permanent installations require a certified mechanic and cannot be removed by an average joe.  Portable installations can be installed by anyone who can read an instruction manual.

Who are left foot accelerators useful for?


Most regular paraplegics obviously won’t find left foot accelerators useful at all, but if you have some problems affecting your right leg then they’ll be a massive benefits.  Generally people with right side paralysis left by a stroke, arthritis and spinal cord injuries are the three main reasons for problems affecting the right leg and hence driving.

Left foot accelerators are so damn useful because they substantially reduce the burden of driving with a disability.  Since one leg isn’t functional you’ll definitely need hand controls which allow you to control one or both of the pedals by using just one hand.  If your right side is disabled it would mean that your functional left leg would control the brake pedal which would mean that your hand would control the acceleration.

The main problem here is that accelerating with your hands requires a consistent high amount of effort.  Since your leg is your strongest limb it’s far better to delegate the most demanding task to the strongest limb.  This would require a left foot acceleration modification plus a brake only hand control.  This would make steering easier because you have to brake far less often, and it would drastically reduce the overall amount of effort required.

Where can I find a left leg acceleration kit?


There are essentially two different types of left leg acceleration kits.  There are portable and permanent kits which refer to the installation technique.  Portable can be removed within 5-10 minutes whereas permanent require a mechanic certified in installing that specific piece of equipment.  Below are details on the advantages and drawbacks of each, plus where to find them at the lowest pice possible.

Portable Left Foot Accelerator


Since you already know how this is different I’m going to go over a few established advantages and disadvantages plus where you can find out more about this type of product (for North America only).

Portable Left Foot Accelerator (PLFA) with Inventor

I’ve got to be blunt with you.  There’s only one portable left foot accelerator (you can visit this page to find out more about the PLFA device and portable left foot accelerators in general) and that’s manufactured by a small business called PLFA (no points for guessing what that stands for.  They have some pretty cool deals but I’ll first discuss their advantages.  Firstly they allow rental of the PLFA which is perfect if you only have a temporary ailment.  Secondly they’re shipped and delivered straight to your door.  Thirdly they’re cheaper.  Fourthly they’re perfect to use with other removable driving equipment such as portable hand controls and quick release steering knobs.

Permanent Left Foot Accelerator


With regards to permanent left foot accelerators you have a significantly greater amount of choice.  There are several different manufacturers who produce and ship these products.  Remember though that they’re not shipped to you but a disabled car dealership. If you want to buy one you need to locate disabled car dealerships, ring them up to see if they have what you want, negotiate a price and then sort out the small details.  Do remember to negotiate the price for your left foot gas pedal because you can make a definite saving.  They tend to charge significantly more than portable devices.

Left Foot Gas Pedal Model 908 by GuidoSimplex

Here’s an example of a GuidoSimplex left foot gas pedal.

The advantages of using a permanent left foot gas pedals are as follows.  You can get one on one advice about what’s best for you and other critical driving information from the disabled car shop.  Plus the metal floor plate is completely bolted to the floor which although it doesn’t statistically mean it’s safer at all it will certainly make you ‘feel’ safer at least.  You have significantly more choice, for portable devices you’ve basically got one option unless you can read Hebrew and get an Israeli product shipped to you.  Other than that you have much more variety and there are slight configuration differences that will allow you to pick the product which gives you the best ‘feel’ too.

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