Learning How to Drive with Vehicle Hand Controls

Once your hand controls are installed you’ll obviously need to learn how to actually drive the vehicle, and if its been a long term or you’re a first time driver it can be a tricky, and sometimes worrying process.

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you need professional help such as disabled driving lessons, or whether you want to do it alone.  I personally would say that for first time drivers they’re important, but for the most part they’re neither necessary nor required.

Learning How to Drive with Vehicle Hand Controls

The reasons I wouldn’t opt for them are because they’re very expensive and probably won’t be an option for you unless there’s one close by.  Starting out driving with a friend or family member for accompaniment is really the best way to go.

You should start by just getting a feel for the vehicle, and driving on roads which you’re familiar with and at times of the day where they’re nearly empty.  This might not be possible for all of you, but generally I think you’ll find that starting out in a slow and controlled manner is the best option.

From starting out driving with your hand controls for your motor vehicle you should then proceed to engage more and more difficult roads and areas, and you’ll find that it’s actually not particularly difficult at all to drive.

It’s probably worth pointing out at this best that you will need to take the disabled driving test using your hand controls so it might be checking out our page on that which is more aimed at US/UK citizens but is most likely true of countries with developed anti-discrimination laws.

If you haven’t already bought/installed your device yet it’ll be worth seeing our page on the benefits of permanent hand controls for cars if you’re interested in finding out what’s best for you with your situation in hand.

Generally I would opt towards going for a permanent installation as opposed to portable version, but for some it might be best for portable models.

Learning to Drive with Vehicle Hand Controls

I certainly think that one of the main problems with taking lessons is the money involved which can add up to easily 100 dollars per lesson and generally much more.  A lot of families simply do not have that kind of money, especially with all the other costs associated for caring for someone with a disability.

What’s certainly important is locating disabled car dealerships in order to find the best prices on hand controls and see a variety which may cater better to your needs.

You should also see our page on the different hand control types if you want to really get to grips with what’s going to be best for your disability.  Generally they’re aimed at total paraplegics but obviously there are plenty of people with other additional conditions, or who can use one leg and so forth.

One thing which you shouldn’t worry about is a long learning time required with using your hand controls because the simple reality is that you can get the hang of things very quickly.  I’ve heard first hand as well as personally read numerous stories of people making long journeys after only having their device installed for a day or so!

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