How to Install and Buy Portable Disabled Hand Controls for Cars

If you’re interested in buying a set of portable disabled hand controls for your car, and installing them yourself then you’re in luck because it’s easy to do, much easier than going to a disabled car dealership and going through those middlemen.

To start with you need to locate as many different sets of mobile (portable) hand controls that you can, and then proceed to research them.  Websites such as Amazon and Ebay sell their own Disabled Hand Controls via authorized shops on their website.  This has a few advantages, the first being that you can read reviews on them website about the product itself.

How to Install and Buy Portable Disabled Hand Controls for CarsHowever, don’t limit yourself to the big websites which you’re probably used to, as long as you do your research on other websites (such as doing a Google search for *Website Scams/Problems/Issues*) then you shouldn’t have any problems.  From here you need to shop around to find what’s right for you in terms of price and whether they fulfill your requirements are not.

If they cost more than around 350 dollars then the chances are you’re paying too much because generally around 250-300 dollars is an average price; but obviously if it has some extras or advantages it’s up to you as to whether you want to pay a little more.

So you should locate different portable disabled driving controls on a multitude of different websites using primarily search engines (Google), find the best model for you in terms of capabilities and price, and then finally do research on the product itself.  Using the reviews on Amazon/Ebay can sometimes be a little risky because some can be written by anyone.  It’s always worth checking for ‘verified’ reviews, and most important doing another Google search along the lines of *product name/number reviews* to find out what everyone else is saying about it.

Install and Buy Portable Disabled Hand Controls for Cars

Install and Buy Portable Disabled Hand Controls for Cars

After this, you simply buy what you feel is the best product out there for you and it’ll get sent to your house.  From here there are instructions within just like for most other devices.  You simply have to follow these instructions whenever you want to install or have the hand controls removed.  If you’re interested in buying disabled hand controls for cars then you don’t need to be too worried about the price for portable versions, you can expect for it to be perhaps around half the price of your standard, basic, permanent installations.

Generally you’ll find that most of the cost of disabled hand controls for handicapped drivers is increased by the disabled car dealerships which act as middlemen taking a slice of the pie.  They make money both from the selling of the model itself, and then of course from the installation which happens in house at the prices they set.

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