How To Use Handicap Hand Controls

It’s very easy to talk about the blasé installation of handicap hand controls, but this article will not be talking about what they are but in fact how to use handicap hand controls.

To start with finding someone willing to teach you how to drive using them is clearly the best approach.  But you have to be very aware that there simply aren’t that many handicap driving instructors out there.  The best option is in fact not to go looking for this type of instructor but in fact just an ordinary disabled person who uses them as part of everyday life.  You should be careful approaching people but it’s more than likely that they’ll be more than willing to help you out.

The best way to start learning is to get a non disabled friend to drive the car normally to a disused airfield or large empty car park at a time of night when there are few people/obstacles there. From here the best thing to do would be to drive around carefully and try to get the hang of things once more. If you didn’t know how to drive previously, then contacting a driving instructor just as a guide would be useful.

Start slowly until you get the hang of driving again, the main thing you need to build is your confidence and experience.  From here start driving on the roads early in the morning when there’s sunlight but still few cars on the road.  Start slowly and only drive in areas where you know the road systems.  Again from here you need to build yourself up, gain experience and confidence and remember how to drive once more.

When you’re confident driving around roads with minimal traffic then as you can guess the next logical progression is to start making it more difficult by driving when there is more and more traffic.  It’s a tough thing learning how to use handicap hand controls but it’s something that must be re learned.  You definitely don’t want to have just installed the car hand controls to then suffer an accident.



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