How Much do Hand Controls for Cars Cost

This page is going to provide a concise and accurate overview to the different costs of the different types of hand controls.  By ‘types’ I’m referring to the different manufacturer’s and their products (such as MPD, Menox etcetera), different installation types (portable and permanent) and the different technology used (manual, mechanical and so on).  If you don’t understand what these are now then by the end of this page you hopefully will.

The Price of the Different Manufacturers


Now of course these prices are going to vary slightly depending on where you buy it from and how good your bartering skills are, nevertheless you’ll find that these prices are regularly used throughout most of the US and UK.

A set of Menox hand controls are around 2000 dollars, as are Veigel and this price includes installation too.

The cost of hand controls for vehicles

In fact it’s worth checking out my page on the cost of car hand controls because it explains a little more about the fees of installation for permanent models.

MPS Monarch and Mobility Products and Design cost around 700 dollars including installation too.

These are permanent installations and it’s worth checking out how cheap portable kits are.

Difference between Portable and Permanent Pricing


The difference is that portable models only cost around 250-300 dollars maximum and permanent models start at around 600 dollars minimum.

I would recommend opting for portable kits because the functionality and technology has caught up significantly in recent years and most people are making the switch.

Generally people don’t want to lose value on their car because permanent installations require their dashboard being cut up.  They want something they can attach and detach whenever they need to drive to allow regular driving of the car.

Cheap Freedom Staff Portable Hand Controls

They also want something which has a more reasonable price and isn’t going to break the bank, especially in these difficult times.

I would say they’re more aimed at casual driving as opposed to the necessity of having to drive everyday in which it might be more preferable, finances allowing, for a permanent device.

It’s worth reading my page on the price differences between permanent and portable models as well as the variation in costs amongst just permanent devices.

Are they worth it?


I assume since you’re reading this page that the question you’re asking yourself is whether the cost of the kit is worth the benefits received.

One thing I’d like to point out is that the actual cost of the kit itself is only part of the total costs which you’ll have.

If you can’t drive or haven’t driven in a long time and don’t have a valid driver’s license then you may need to pay for driving lessons and perhaps disabled driving lessons.

If you are having a device which permanently modifies the vehicles for disabled driving then you also need to make sure you have a car available.

There’s the cost of the car as well as the potential for car tax (although you may be exempt) as well as insurance policies.

Remember that if your car requires internal structural changes (especially if they look ugly) your car is going to take a big hit in value.

Then there’s also the handicap equipment for vehicles which you need to consider, such as pedal guards and steering wheel aids.  These themselves can cost easily hundreds of dollars each, especially if you don’t know where to find the best prices – and unfortunately the chances are that you don’t.

As you can see the price of driving as someone with a disability is very high and you may need to question the financial viability of starting something such as this.

In most cases people are able to drive because they can afford it, but as recently as yesterday I received a comment on this website from a woman who lives on less than 800 dollars a month and also has to pay the mortgage.

Unfortunately there’s simply no way for someone in her position to drive because she just isn’t earning anywhere near enough.

After a few emails we exchanged back and forth I suggest a cheaper set of portable driving controls but even at 250 dollars they were too expensive, and 250 dollars is the absolute cheapest you can find.

Generally I recommend websites such as Amazon because people already have accounts and they’re used to dealing with that website.  At the moment I’m not selling any products myself but in the future I’m definitely going to try and arrange a situation where I can manufacture and sell my own products online at the cheapest possible price.

You can find out more about handicapped driving as well as all the equipment required for such by clicking here now.


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