How does Menox compare with other manufacturers?

Menox is considered one of the better manufacturers; even if it isn’t widely used on the level that MPS/MPD are.  This page is going to give a review which balances the main aspects of disabled driving – cost, capabilities and safety.

Looking at things from purely a performance perspective it’s quite easy to see that in some ways Menox is certainly better than their rivals.  To start with their hand control has mechanical linkage as standard, it also has multiple options for secondary car function control buttons and finally its customization options are far superior too.

How does Menox compare with other manufacturers

How does Menox compare with other manufacturers?

On the other hand the Menox Company and Disabled Driving Manufacturer prices far exceed that of their competitors too.  Generally you’ll find that it’s around 2,000 dollars for the purchase and installation, and you can compare this figure with their competitors which are around 1/4 to 1/3 of the price.

Now admittedly their competitors are inferior, but for around 1/3rd of the price you can still have mechanical linkage incorporated into the design.  You won’t have secondary car functions, nor massive degrees of flexibility with regards to the height and positioning of the hand control – but you get what you want.

What I mean by this is that you get a hand control which allows you to drive whilst using your hands, and although it may not come with all the bells and whistles which Menox comes with there’s no doubt that purely for disabled driving you get exactly what you need.

The main thing which you need to be looking at is the mechanical linkage which reduces the input of effort required for driving, and that’s nothing special; and it’s not what makes Menox special.

Menox comparison with other manufacturers

Menox comparison with other manufacturers

I very much consider Menox a ‘premium’ product, which is multiple times the price of competitors which are only slightly worse; that’s how I think you should look at it too – because for all its benefits (which you can find on this website), it’s ultimately not worth the money that it costs.

This issue with Menox is made clearer with their steering knobs and pedals, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a design or model which stands out from the crowd.  The designs are standard, but ultimately not worth the Menox price tag and you can find very similar devices are much more affordable prices.

I think in most cases it’s far better to choose a cheaper hand control unless money is absolutely no issue at all for you.  Generally if you look around you’re actually likely to find a superior hand control in the sense that it’s more likely to cater to your specific requirement.  To some extent Menox is very much a ‘one size fits all’ situation, the customization options do help; but there’s still limited flexibility for the big issues such as if you want an accelerator/brake only hand control model

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