Find out about what Handicapped Vans are and how to find one

If you’re unable to obtain and install a handicap driving kit, then handicapped vans may be your only form of transportation.

Unfortunately in a world where there can sometimes be very little thought for the disabled, there may only be vans outfitted with basic handicap ready technology to allow them to travel around. It can be a very time consuming and sometimes even humiliating experience travelling via this method. Firstly you’re completely relying on someone to take you around the place, as well as care for you, load you onto the van and of of the van. It takes away the power in the relationship out of your hands, and although it may very well be a cordial one, there’s always the looming prospect that you’re totally within their power. If they wanted to they could drop you off by the side of the road and there’d be very little you could do about it.

There are however two types of handicapped vans, the first is a regular van outfitted with usually a ramp and a stabilizing system. This allows those in wheelchairs to get into the vehicle, as well as being attached securely to the ground so that they can be transported safely.

The second type is usually vans equipped in the above manner, but which also sport handicap hand controls meaning that the driver can also be handicapped. This definitely increases the amount of understanding by the driver since he completely understands the boat that they passengers are in. It allows groups of disabled people to be able to effectively travel together help each other out and retain independence away from people that have no experience of what it’s like to be in their position. This can be a very gratifying experience and a great method of meeting people that are similar to you. It allows frees you to able to enjoy the same things with you and your friends – without the helpful but sometimes patronizing help of others.


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