Handicap Hand Controls Information Guide

One think which disabled people have never been able to do is drive, but with the addition of handicap hand controls to almost any vehicle driving is now possible for disabled people.

Since cars were invented people who are wheel chair bound have clearly never been able to use them purely because they have floor pedals and hence require the use of the lower half of one’s body.  On the other hand there’s no actual reason why feet are needed or necessary to control them and so disabled hand controls were invented.  These controls are bought as modification kits and upon successful installation upon a vehicle mean that the floor pedals are no longer manned using a person’s legs but in fact the controls are transferred to hand versions which are placed near to the steering wheel to allow easy transferring from one to another.

One thing that really stands out to me are how people don’t seem to realize the lack of freedom and independence disabled people have.  It’s all well and good saying they aren’t second class citizens yet I believe that all too often they’re just meaningless words and there seems to be very little actually done which makes a substantive difference to the lives of these people.  A few extra disabled parking spots isn’t too helpful if disabled people cannot drive in the first place.  If they’re being driven there, it definitely is less effort if they have to travel less to get inside the building, but how much better would it be if they could actually drive themselves there?  I think we’d all agree that’s a much better option, and although a lot has been done the pace has to be kept up so an even greater improvement is seen in their lives.

This means that using handicap hand controls one can pilot a vehicle using only one’s hands and so it allows disabled people the ability to drive if they want to do so.  As you can imagine this is an amazing break through for so many handicapped people who feel trapped and isolated because they cannot travel.  Being able to drive where you want as well as simply having the knowledge that you could drive where you want if you wanted to, is a massive thing many people take for granted. The ability to drive hundreds of miles whenever you want is a spawn of the modern era, but many disabled people didn’t have this luxury – until now!

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