A few things to know about Handicap Hand Controls for Cars

In today’s modern world handicap hand controls for cars are just another step in the battle towards equality for the disabled.

Unfortunately there are some aspects where the disabled will never have the freedoms that the completely healthy have.  But it’s still very possible to make substantial changes in the lives of those who find it difficult to help themselves. One of the main reasons why wheelchair bound people feel frustrated with themselves and the world is the lack of both freedom and independence.  It’s not that they need help going off on holiday or on day trip excursions which can leave them feeling trapped.  It’s the reality that they need help with little everyday things as opposed to rare events.

When they need food they can’t just pop out to the shop and buy someone – they need help to do it.  There are so many little things that they must have help doing and it can be really frustrating for them.

This is where handicap hand controls for cars really come into play because they allow the floor pedals to be operated by hand.  These driving aids usually don’t come already installed to a car but are instead purchased as a modification kit.  From here they’re installed onto the car and levers and handles allow safe driving.  These levers are almost always next to or near to the steering wheel to allow quick and easy access.

Some people think these types of handicap hand controls aren’t safe for installing and are more likely to cause accidents.  I honestly don’t think this could be further from the truth, and although to you and I driving with only are hands may seem precarious as best.  I’d say it’s very similar to learning to drive for the first time where it may not seem safe, but after enough practice and experience is just like riding a bicycle


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