Check out Handicap Hand Control Kits and what they entail

Driving has long been thought of as impossible for disabled people, but through the purchase of handicap hand control kits everything could change.

As I’ve said in previous articles throughout the website, handicap hand controls allow the user to drive without the use of foot pedals.  This means he can effectively drive using only his hands which is of course perfect because he can’t use his legs.

On the other hand the one hurdle to clear before this great day is the purchasing and the installation of the handicap driving equipment.  This means either going online or to a trusted distributer and purchasing one of the packages.

Installing can either be done by a professional, or it’s possible for someone to install it for the disabled person.  Since none of the kit involves too greater knowledge of the car’s mechanics it’s not unreasonable for someone with little knowledge to simply follow the instructions of installation.  However you definitely need to double check everything to make sure everything’s working correctly.  Although it can be installed by someone not totally sure what they’re doing I’d definitely consider paying extra for a professional.

Another thing which needs to be considered once it has been installed is learning how to drive using them.  As you’d expect it’s not really the case that you can just sit in the driving seat and get going.  There’s a good chance that the disabled person hasn’t been driving for many years, even decades – or maybe he/she never learned how to drive in the first place.  Whatever the situation the first thing I’d recommend is going to a supermarket car park late at night for the disabled person to familiarize himself in driving in this manner.  After you’re confident that you can drive as you once did, I’d take a look through the Highway Code to make sure you’re still up to date.

After the installation of Handicap Hand Control Kits driving is clearly the next progression from the training on the supermarket parking lot.  Start with small trips with a friend when there are times of low to no traffic.  From here you just have to get better by increasing your experience as well as your confidence.  A hand controls car really are a great chance for disabled people to get behind the wheel and feel the independence that has long been denied them.


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  1. Jason Dysart says:

    I am looking for a handicap hand control kit for a2000 Plymouth grand voyager. Please get back to me with some prices. Thank you.

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