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Handicap driving is something a lot of people haven’t heard of, and that’s not just non-handicapped people it’s a lot of disabled people too.

Although it’s relatively unknown it is very possible for disabled people who have no use of their legs to drive around just like everyone else.  You may instantly think it’s impossible, seeing as there are floor pedals which require the use of legs – and for regular cars you would be right.  But as for many things disabled people use, with slight modifications a regular car or any vehicle for that matter can be equipped with handicap hand controls which allow a disabled person to drive just as you or I would.

Being handicap for most people means not having the use of your legs and being unable to feel anything below the waist.  After the installation of this modification kit which you can buy online from a number of distributers worldwide, the floor pedals are able to be operated using hand controls and buttons and not the legs/feet.  These controls are usually very near to the steering wheel and allow the handicap driving to switch seamlessly between the two, although a good driver doesn’t even need to be able to switch.

Being in a wheelchair means that you lose two major things, your freedom and your independence.  You lose your freedom because you can no longer come and go as you please.  Do most people think to themselves one day that they’re going to go on a cruise around the world?  No.  But they do think and know that if they wanted to they could do so.  Being less able means you don’t have a choice, you probably wouldn’t just get up and do that anyway, but it’s the knowledge that even if you wanted to you couldn’t anyway.

Independence is something that’s lost as well, and in fact even handicap driving can only bring so much of it back.  It’s the ability to be able to carry out things for yourself, not always having to rely on people when you want to get anything done. If less able people just needed to ask to go to the shops that would be okay.  But it’s the fact that they must ask to do so much, even feeding themselves and going to the toilet almost always means they need assistance.  It’s the horrible thought that if there was no one there they wouldn’t be able to fend for themselves. Car hand controls for the disabled change a lot of things and it means that people are able to do some of the tasks that they couldn’t do before.  Going down to the supermarket before would have taken planning and coordination, now it’s so much easier because you’re behind the steering wheel, not someone else.  You go when you want to go, you’re not just behind the steering wheel of your car, you’re behind the wheel of your schedule.


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