Handicap Driver Hand Control Kits for Cars – Disabled Drivers

When you’re looking to buy hand control kits for disabled drivers to install in your car there are a few things you need to watch out for, or you could certainly make a decision that cost you hundreds of dollars.

There are two methods you can take to getting this type of handicapped equipment, buying sets online or visiting a disabled car dealership.  I personally would recommend searching Google for ‘hand controls car dealership *city/state/county*’.  This will help narrow down the car dealerships which are participating in selling various different designs.  Next the best thing to do is ring them and ask what brands and device types they have.  They may say something like “we have MPS push/pull hand controls and that’s it”, which isn’t necessarily bad but it is somewhat limiting.  After this if you feel comfortable with both the dealership and controls (upon research looking at forums, blogs etc) you can ask to get shown things closer up.  You can go for a test drive or just get the feel of things, and from here you can proceed to making your purchase.

This purchase may include installation, or if they’re portable driving controls then you probably won’t need it.  It is worth asking to be shown how to place them within your car just for peace of mind as well as to make sure you’re doing everything correctly.

The second method takes far less effort and involves searching the internet for mobile hand controls which are shipped to your house upon purchasing just like anything else you would buy of the internet.  You’ll be told when they’re arriving but aside from that the only instructions and help you’ll get is if you call the manufacturer, or most likely the manual that comes with it.  Usually these are well written but if the maker is small time you may find things a little tricky at first.

These handicap hand control kits are very popular for a number of reasons aside from being easy to purchase and install.

To start with they’re much cheaper than buying permanent controls or going through a dealership.  Remember that a dealership is essentially a middleman and if you’re buying mobile controls they’re not necessary – all they’ll essentially do is give you peace of mind (or so you think) and take a cut of the profits – at your expense.

What’s more is that you have much greater amounts of control of what it is you want to pick and buy.  Instead of being limited by what’s on offer you can browse through dozens of different models on dozens of different websites.  What’s more is you can access unbiased opinions and reviews as opposed to having salespeople say whatever they think you want to hear.

Finally this certainly is the best option for people buying handicap hand controls who simply do not have a disability car dealership within reasonable distance.  If the closest one is several hours away it’s just not practical to be driving back and forth.  This allows people in areas of low population distances to have the same access to disabled driving kits just like everyone else.


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