Handicap Certificate – the basics

A handicap certificate (otherwise known as a disable certificate) is a documentation that covers people from a wide range of backgrounds and can provide some substantial support.

For a start a handicap certificate means that you may very well be exempt from paying vehicle tax, which over a period of time can save a substantial amount of money. Not only this, but you gain certain privileges which are put in place to ease your travelling. This may mean getting a handicapped sticker which you attach to the inside of your windshield to allow parking in designated parking areas. Now this may not seem to make a significance difference to you or me, but the majority of people reading this will never know what it’s like to travel by wheelchair. Imagine being at the back in a vast parking lot and having to brave traffic and pedestrians simply to get inside the store; it puts things into perspective.

Applying for this type of documentation is relatively simply and essential all you need to do is prove your disability. This can be simple as providing the medical documentation which diagnosed your disability in the first place. So long as you’re actually disabled it’s very comprehensive in applying for this type of certificate and you’ll receive a lot of help to do so.

A useful website is:


This can tell you whether you’re eligible, what exactly you’re eligible for as well as how to apply for the handicap certificate.


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