Permanent Hand Controls – Everything about Fixed Handicap Hand Controls

Hand controls which allow disabled drivers the ability to drive their car are either installed permanently at disabled car dealerships or purchased as portable self-install kits (either online or offline).  You can find out about the different handicap hand control manufacturers and brands below.


Menox Hand Controls – Menox produces only one hand control – the Carospeed hand control.  Although it’s only one product Menox have the taken time to make it highly open to customization (both aesthetically and functionally).  It’s powerful, it looks cool and it’s also very expensive (generally it costs around 2,000 dollars).

Menox Hand Control

GuidoSimplex Hand Controls – GuidoSimplex produces an incredibly large range of hand controls.  They have the largest permanent hand control range of any of its competitors.  GuidoSimplex features accelerator and brake only hand controls as well as featuring all the different technology types – manual, mechanical, electronic and hydraulic.  They have accelerator rings, accelerator pens, hydraulic brakes and so, so much more.

GuidoSimplex Hand Controls Acceleration Wheel

MPS Monarch Hand Controls – MPS Monarch features only four hand controls which are basic mechanical hand controls.  However they’re widely available, cheap and get the job done.  They do everything you need at a good price – they’re a no frills manufacturer.

MPS Monarch Hand Controls

MPD Hand Controls – Mobility Products and Design’s hand controls (otherwise known as MPD) has a large array of hand controls.  Their best hand controls aren’t quite as advanced as GuidoSimplex or Menox but they get quite close, their basic devices are similar to MPS Monarch and most important so is the price.

MPD 3502WHD Hand Control

Sure Grip Hand Controls – Sure Grip produces four decent sets of hand controls but there real value lies in their customization options.  With optional operation handles for those with hand impairments, auto lock out features and other options on offer there’s a good chance that you’ll find Sure Grip’s hand controls perfect for handicapped drivers with very specific requirements.

An Example of Sure Grip's Push and Twist Hand Control Set

Permanent Installation of Hand Controls


These are easier to use because the permanent installation allows much further integration between the  assistive controls and the car, offering mechanical linkage, electronic or hydraulic mechanisms as opposed to manual control only.  They’re considered the best hand controls for cars and there are lots of different types.

However they’re also more expensive (the equipment is more expensive and the installation costs are usually also expensive), some models do not allow regular able bodied usage, they lower the resale value of the vehicle, usually require permanent modifications to the car and finally it can be very difficult to locate local disabled car dealerships.