GuidoSimplex Three Pin Hand Grip Steering Wheel Knob

The IP2003-E is a Three (tri) Pin Grip which is designed to be attached to the steering wheel and is a knob which allows for a single hand to be able to rotate the wheel by 360 degrees; it is designed by GuidoSimplex.

The tri pin grip is designed so that the disabled driver clasps the (usually larger) ‘pin’ which on the diagram is on the right hand. This allows his/her wrists to be embedded in two other pins allowing for greater support for the wrist as well as leverage in turning.

GuidoSimplex Three Pin Hand Grip Steering Knob

The GuidoSimplex Three Pin Hand Grip Steering Knob

In this case the device is not portable; it cannot be rapidly removed without basic tools unlike a different GuidoSimplex model.

It’s padded for comfort which allows for longer driving use, and overall its design is very much standard when compared against competitors.

  • Personally I think that this is one of the best options to go for, purely because of the wrist padding which genuinely makes a big difference.

You’ll find that some disabled car equipment are money spinners; purely designed to increase the ‘value’ (and hence cost) of the device whilst providing little benefit. This isn’t the case here, and although it will cost slightly more than single pin grips I think it’s definitely worth the money.

You have the bonus of being able to rest your wrist (and hence your arm) within the support pins, as well as being able to utilize the leverage they create for you to turn the wheel easier.

To summarize, I think we’re looking at quite a standard model. It’s certainly nothing fancy, just an improvement from more basic models – but a worthy improvement. GuidoSimplex can, at times, have a larger price tag for the more basic items due to their highly popular hand controls.

For this type of disabled equipment it’s worth simply shopping around for the best total price (item price, installation costs and other charges) because the difference between each manufacturer’s are negligible.

GuidoSimplex Steering Knobs


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Driving as a Disabled Person


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